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Fall 2009 Newsletter

Much Anticipated DS|Design v5.3 Released! by Len Hordyk

As promised in our summer newsletter we are pleased to announce the official release of DS|Design v5. The finishing touches that have made v5.3 fully compatible with DS|Quote are complete and this version is now available to all subscribed users. We are certain you’ll be as satisfied as we are with what we’ve accomplished in this latest release.

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John Cavill Wins Royal Horticultural Society Medal... Again!

John Cavill, from Simply Gardening in the UK, has won his second Silver Medal from the Royal Horticultural Society at the BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2009 show in Birmingham England. John won his first silver medal at the show in 2006.

John has been using DS|Design since 2002 to design and build gardens to the highest quality standards in his area. For this year’s show he designed a garden called A World Outside the Classroom to show you don't need a large budget to create a sustainable kitchen garden for children. This garden also won the peoples award for best show garden.

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Pacifica Landscape Works Featured in GardenWise Magazine
Michael Bjorge's breathtaking design of a West Coast landscape on the edge of a rocky cliff overlooking Howe Sound in West Vancouver, BC, found it's way onto the cover of GardenWise magazine. This project was built into virtually unusable space that had spectacular ocean views and mature trees. This project proved to be challenging in many ways and access for it's construction was mainly from the water.

3D Design Survey Results by Len Hordyk

This past summer, many DynaSCAPE users participated in a survey on the topic of 3D for landscape design. Customer surveys like these really help shape the DynaSCAPE products of the future, and we appreciate the input we received from those who participated.

Eager to know how the questions were answered by your peers? The results were quite interesting. 


Understanding the Difference Between Imaging and 3D Software by Len Hordyk

It appears that there is some confusion out there about the difference between imaging software and 3D software for landscape design. There are significant differences between them and we should start by defining what they are. Generally imaging software produces single view, photo realistic presentation picture while 3D software is a flexible, scalable design tool.


DS|Manage Continues to Grow by Harry Ludwig.

Since the release of the Sales and Estimating module of our new DynaSCAPE Manage Software, we have been getting a lot of positive feedback from our customers.  Our customers are now able to produce accurate estimates in much less time then it used to take and are now able to produce Proposals, Material Lists and Work Orders right from the estimate.  Companies have reported greater profitability on a job by job basis than with projects based on their previous estimates, estimates which took more time to produce.  Companies have also been able to effectively manage their sales pipeline using the integrated sales tracking tools.

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STOP GUESSTIMATING! How a cost-based approach can ensure that your quotes are more accurate, competitive, and profitable by Harry Ludwig
Do you have complete confidence in your quotes? Do they always cover all of your costs and bring in a profit? In this article I'll show you how using a cost-based estimating system can help you determine more accurate and consistent prices.  We'll be looking at two of the most common pricing methods used in the industry today - unit pricing and multiplier method - and why these methods don’t always accurately reflect the price you should be charging. Then I'll show you how to determine the costs for each element of a project and use that information to determine the right price for the job.

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