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Newsletter - Fall 2012

Does Your Landscape Business Need Some Helpful Advice?


Marcus vandeVliet says the companies that benefit the most from DynaSCAPE's consulting services are often the ones that don't think they need it.

He also thinks that most landscape companies need both consulting and software. "I think the most important part is to do an assessment before either consulting or Manage360 is implemented.  That assessment is critical to identify whether the company has the people and systems in place to be able to fully utilize Manage360."     Read more >>


Business Integration: What it Means to YOU and Why it Matters

Manage360 is specifically designed to streamline all of your key business processes under one integrated system. But what does that mean exactly? What business processes are we talking about, why streamline them, and why does it matter if you “integrate” them?

According to Andrew Wilson, DS|Manage360 Account Manager, the great benefit of automating your business processes is that it saves you time and money. But only if it’s an integrated system that's tailor-made for your specific industry.     Read more >>



The Real Benefits of Software Training


Sure, you can learn most new software by trial and error. But according to SketchUp & Sketch3D instructor Daniel Tal, you can shave months off that learning curve by taking some classes.

“Proper training helps guide people through that (learning) curve and quickly get beyond it, allowing users to build presentation-level models for clients and design assessment. The classes provide hands-on methods of interfacing with SketchUp, learning where to get important resources, and best practices and good habits.”     Read more >>


DynaSCAPE Design Taught in over 100 Schools across North America

Over 100 colleges and universities are using DS|Design to teach computer-assisted landscape design skills in the classroom. Instructors say it's giving their students a competitive edge when they graduate.

To find out more about DynaSCAPE in the schools, we spoke with three DS|Design instructors: Beth Edney teaches landscape design at both Humber College in Toronto and Niagara College Canada, Anne Spranger is a lecturer at Utah State University, and Duane Morris is a former instructor at Cal Poly who now teaches DynaSCAPE directly online and in schools as a guest lecturer.      Read more >>



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