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Summer 2009 Newsletter

Exciting News About DS|Design 5 by Len Hordyk l.a.t.

Many of you may have heard about the new Design version 5 and some of you may already be using it. Although it has not been officially released to our existing users, it is the version that all new DynaSCAPE customers receive.

As you read this we’re still working hard to put the finishing touches on this new release, which will be launched and available to all subscribed DS|Design and Quote users later this summer. This version will be fully compatible with DS|Quote. Read more...

Now Available: the Next Generation of DS|Manage by Harry Ludwig

We are excited to start our first newsletter with an announcement.  Over the last year we’ve been working hard on an exciting new version of DynaSCAPE Manage, that we’ve had under wraps.

This product is a web based replacement for our existing DS|Quote/Manage line of products.  We listened closely to feedback from existing users, sought the advice of some of the industry’s leading management consultants, and researched all of the latest best practices used by the most successful and best-managed landscaping companies in North America. 


SiteCapture Pro Gets an Update
NuPoints SiteCapture Pro, the module that gives you the ability to capture measurements from your site onto your PDA then import your drawing into DynaSCAPE Design and start designing immediately, has just released an update. The latest release, version 2.0, contains many new enhancements that make it even easier for you to leave your pencil and sketch pad behind when you go to measure a project site.

Meet the Client Services Team by Lorelei Balzer

We are pleased to introduce you to Adam and Josie, our DynaSCAPE Support Analysts. Josie has been a DynaSCAPE Support Analyst since June 2007, and Adam is the newest member of our Client Services team, on board since July 2008.

In order to provide the most exceptional support service possible, both Adam and Josie are full time DynaSCAPE employees fully trained on our suite of DynaSCAPE products.


DynaSCAPE Sponsors PLANET Student Career Day CAD Competition
We were very pleased to sponsor another “Computer Aided Landscape Design Competition” this March at the 33rd Annual Student Career Days event organized by PLANET (the Professional Landcare Network) at Cal Poly Pomona polytechnic university in Pomona, California. Student Career Days is a three-day competitive event for students enrolled in horticulture programs across the United States.

DynaSCAPE Featured in Irrigation & Green Industry Magazine
DynaSCAPE software was featured in Irrigation & Green Industry Magazine’s February 2009 publication article ‘Become a Master with Landscape Design Software’. A DynaSCAPE Color drawing also made the front cover.

DynaSCAPE Appears in Latest John Brookes' book
The Essentials of Garden Design, John Brookes' latest book, features DynaSCAPE Design in a section of the book speaking about CAD Drafting.

White Paper: Take your Drawings to a Higher Level

by Len Hordyk l.a.t.

This article is intended to address the struggles designers have in making their work look professional.  As designers we take every opportunity to check out other designers or architects work and compare it to our own.  Many of the better designers out there also have great graphics and they know how to make their work look amazing on paper.  We may think we aren't able to get there but the truth is tha it is really not that hard once you understand a few key things. 



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