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Newsletter - Winter 2011/2012

Faster 3D with the New Outdoor Living Collection

Outdoor Living

The recent release of hundreds of new 2D symbols and 3D models of Outdoor Living allows for greater flexibility and speed.

If you begin your designs with DynaSCAPE Design, the 3D model can be quickly generated by swapping the 2D symbol with a matching 3D model. It’s gotten easier now, whether you’re creating a fantastic outdoor kitchen complete with a grill and ceramic smoker or designing a cozy outdoor living room complete with fire place and elegant furniture. 

Stop Avoiding Change Orders

Change Orders

From chaos to control: using Manage360 to handle your change orders

What’s your company’s policy about change orders? If you’re like most landscape businesses, you either (a) do them reluctantly, (b) try to discourage them, or (c) avoid them altogether.

That’s probably because you’ve learned from experience that if they’re not handled properly, change orders can easily end up adding more expenses than profits to your job. Add enough poorly quoted change orders to a job and they will quickly eat away your profits. Read More >>

How Rendering Enhances your Presentations


Nothing impresses your clients more than showing them a realistic image of how their property would look if they hired your company to do the work.


SketchUp produces amazing 3D models but it’s the rendering software that adds the wow factor. The problem is a lot of people don’t really understand what rendering is, let alone how it works.

But it doesn't have to be that way.  Read More >>

DynaSCAPE Partners with CNLA for National Awards

We’re very pleased to announce that DynaSCAPE has become the official sponsor of a brand new competition in the Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association’s National Awards for Landscape Excellence.  Read More>>


Upcoming Industry Trade Shows

Industry Trade Shows

If you are planning to attend an industry trade show in the next couple months please stop by our both to see our product lineup first hand.


Trade shows are still a great way to reconnect with the landscape profession, the industry and its people. If you are considering purchasing design or business software this year, there is no better place to get up close to these products then at an industry show.
Click Here to see the shows we are attending this year >>


Upcoming Webinars

Job Costing
Date: Monday, January 16th, 2012
Time: 2:00pm EST
The fourth and final FREE webinar in our Plan for Profitability in 2012 campaign. This will conclude the series, which we hope has given you many useful insights into the industry’s current standards and best practices. Click Here to Register >> 

Rendering with Shaderlight
Date: Thursday, February 9th, 2012
Time: 1:00pm EST
DynaSCAPE is partnering with Shaderlight to present a FREE rendering webinar, which is intended to help SketchUp users understand and see the benefits of properly rendered 3D designs. (We'll be sending you a registration link later)

Change Orders
Date: Thursday, February 23rd, 2012
Time: 2:00pm EST
This is a FREE webinar covering Change Orders brought to you by DS|Manage360. If you have any difficulty dealing with change orders on a project, you will be pleased to see this new feature as part of Manage360. We’ll show you not only how to deal with change orders, but also how to start seeing them as a great way to make your projects even more profitable. (We'll be sending you a registration link later)

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