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Changes and Improvements for DS|Color v2.5  

This release is focuses on efficiency tools for DS|Color:

Release Highlights

New Features for v2.5:

  • Mouse wheel pan and zoom
  • Individual global swatch presets
  • Shadows on/off toggle
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Improvements for v2.5:

  • DynaSCAPECLR folder created in My Documents
  • Fixed issue with elliptical arcs in figures
  • Fixed issue with opening presentations on 64-bit and 32-bit computers

Release Details

Mouse Wheel Pan & Zoom: New for this release is a mouse wheel pan and zoom that matches the functionality added to DS|Design in recent releases. This tool requires you to press the [Shift] key to activate the mouse wheel zoom function. Holding [Shift] and rolling the mouse wheel forward zooms in, while rolling it backwards zooms out. DS|Color will shift the center of the zoom focus to where your cursor is on the screen, allowing you to zoom in and out from one area of a presentation to another smoothly. Holding [Shift] and pressing and holding the mouse wheel down starts the pan function allowing you to pan in any direction. Like the DS|Design zoom tools, these are in-stream commands, meaning you can use them at any time without having to stop what you are doing.

Mouse Wheel Zoom

Mouse Wheel Pan


Individual global swatch presets: This change allows users to set Opacity, Rotation and Scale defaults individually. Now you can set Opacity or Rotation defaults separately without affecting the scale of tiled swatches. To access the Options panel in DS|Color, go to View > Options.


Shadows On/Off Toggle: We’ve added a shadow toggle to turn the shadows on or off. Large presentations with many swatches can be slower to navigate when the shadows have been applied. By turning the shadows off, zooming and panning will be more responsive. The new Shadow Toggle Display icon can be found on the toolbar beside the Add Drop Shadow tool.

Keyboard Shortcuts: We've added keyboard shortcuts to DS|Color to improve efficiency. You'll find both the Windows standard keyboard commands plus shortcuts specific to the DS|Color tools and functions:

Keystroke: Command:
Esc Cancels anything you are in the process of doing
Alt+F4 Same as clicking the File menu, then Exit
Delete Deletes a selected fill (and shadow)
Ctrl+N Same as clicking the File menu, then New
Ctrl+S Same as clicking the File menu, then Save Presentation
Ctrl+O Same as clicking the File menu, then Open Presentation
Ctrl+P Same as clicking the File menu, then Print
Ctrl+Z Same as clicking the Undo button 
Ctrl+R Same as clicking the Redo button
Ctrl+U Same as clicking the File menu, then Update
Ctrl+C Same as clicking on the Copy Fill and Shadow tool
Ctrl+E Same as clicking on the Edit fill and shadow properties tool
Ctrl+F Same as clicking the Bring the selected item to the foreground button
Ctrl+B Same as clicking the Send the selected item to the background button
Ctrl+T Brings all text and text with leaders to the foreground


Other Improvements for 2.5:

  • Just like with DS|Design you'll now have a DynaSCAPECLR folder that is created in My Documents to protect your custom swatches and styles from being removed when uninstalling DS|Color. This also allows them to be backed up with all your other important documents. The folder is created and the files are copied over the first time you start DS|Color after this update.
  • Fixed the issue where library figures with elliptical arcs did not display correctly in DS|Color. It also addresses the same issue for figures containing arcs that had been skewed.
  • Fixed the issue where opening a DS|Color presentation drawing (.pres) on a Vista 32-bit computer caused errors if the presentation had been colored on a Windows 7 64-bit computer.

How to receive this update:

This update can be downloaded by going to Start > (All) Programs > DynaSCAPE > Color > Check for Updates

Questions? Call DynaSCAPE at 1-800-710-1900