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Changes and Improvements for DS|Design 5.5  

This release adds some great new functionality and general improvements. This release also includes the export to Google SketchUp format (.skp).

Overview of the contents of this release:

  • New Features for v5.5:
    • Export to Google SketchUp format
    • Mouse wheel pan
    • Plant Schedule Wizard
    • Work Area Color Auto-select
  • Other Improvements:
    • Hatch Scale Entry improvements
    • Cumulative Area Tool improvements (also included in 5.41 patch)
    • 64-Bit Windows 7 improvements
    • Duplicate ID issue (for DS|Color)

Export to SketchUp format: New for v5.5 is an export to Google SketchUp format (.skp), allowing users to convert their DynaSCAPE drawings to Google SketchUp for 3D modeling. Included is a cleanup feature to help prepare your drawing for export. This feature goes hand in hand with the release of DS|Sketch3D.

Click here to learn more about DS|Sketch3D

Mouse Wheel Pan: New for v5.5 is the function of panning using the mouse wheel. Along with the Zoom tool (v5.4), this was one of the most requested features DynaSCAPE users have been asking for, especially those coming from the AutoCAD world. Like all DS|Design zoom tools, the mouse wheel pan is an in-stream command, meaning you can use it at any time without having to stop what you are doing.

This tool requires you to press the [Shift] key to activate the mouse wheel zoom function. Holding [Shift] and pressing and holding the mouse wheel down starts the pan function allowing you to pan in any direction, unaffected by the constraints setting.

New Plant Schedule Wizard: A new function has been added to the Plant Schedule feature that allows users to change the plant category for any plant before placing the schedule on the drawing. This feature was specifically added for the benefit of Legacy Q/M and Online Manage users where plants that have not been matched to the Online Plant Database (OPD) come in as Other Plants. Note: It is still recommended that users match all their plants to the OPD to make the process of adding the plant schedule as efficient as possible.

Work Area Color Auto-select: A new feature has been added to the Work Area creator that auto-selects the next available color in the panel. This allows the user to add works areas quickly without having to choose a color, speeding up the process and helping the user to choose a unique color for each work area. In addition, the Work Area panel will stay open while the user selects labels instead of auto-closing.

Other Improvements for v5.5

Hatch Scale Entry Improvements: Fixed the issue where entering a scale value in the Hatch tool modifier required entry in both the X and Y value fields.  

Cumulative Area Tool Improvements: Addresses the issue with the cumulative area measuring tool in the Design Labeling panel where the measurement did not get transferred to the label properties and as a result did not export to Legacy Q/M or Manage Online. (this was included in the 5.41 patch)

64-Bit Windows 7 Improvements: A number have changes have been made to improve DS|Design for users with 64-Bit Windows 7:

  • A new PDF driver and PDF Maintenance tool ensures the ability to generate PDF for all 64-bit Windows 7 users
  • Low Permission users can now save settings in the Library Manager
  • Low Permission users can now edit existing text (Ctrl + Left Click)

Duplicate ID issue (for DS|Color): Fixed an issue where occasionally two figures on a drawing would have the same ID number. This would cause figures to change when brought into or updated in DS|Color. 

How to receive this update:

Using v5 already? If you are currently using DS|Design version 5.0 or higher, this update can be downloaded by going to Start > (All) Programs > DynaSCAPE > Design > Check for DynaSCAPE Design Updates


Not using v5 yet? If you are using a pre-v5 version of design (v4.4 or older), you cannot upgrade using the internet update. Version 5.0-5.3 requires a new upgrade CD that can be ordered through the My Account page or by calling DynaSCAPE at 1.800.710.1900 (free to current subscribers)


Questions? Call DynaSCAPE at 1-800-710-1900