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Changes and Improvements in DS|Design v6.0/6.01/6.02

Full Windows 7 compatibility:

This major release is fully compatible with Windows 7! With this update you will notice significant improvements in performance when working with medium to large projects on Windows 7.

We appreciate the patience of all our Windows 7 users that experienced reduced performance caused by changes that Microsoft made in the Windows 7 operating system. As signified by the 6.0 designation for this version, a significant amount of effort was required to rebuild the fundamental 2D rendering component of DS|Design in order to make the software fully compatible.

Important: For best performance your Windows Theme should be set to Aero for v6.

New for v6.02 - Performance Settings Options added:

Due to potential issues with incompatible video cards we have enabled DS|Design to run using your computer's CPU instead of the video card (Default - software rendering). We've also provided the option to run DynaSCAPE using your computer's video card if you have a higher end computer (Hardware rendering). For those who wish to use the old format of rendering from v5 and older, that option is available now as well (Legacy).

Note: For now your computer's default DPI must be used unless Legacy rendering is selected. Restoring the flexibility to choose custom DPI settings will be addressed in a future release.

These performance options are now available under the Environment Menu > Performance Settings:

Performance improvements:

Faster Zoom and Smoother Pan: V6.0 users will see performance improvements when navigating around large drawings in Windows 7. Vista users will notice a slight improvement in performance as well.

Better Move, Copy and Paste: There are significant performance improvements when moving, copying and pasting large amounts of geometry in Windows 7.

Other improvements:

  • Fixed a Plant Schedule bug where some plants were not going in the assigned categories and where some categories were duplicated.
  • Fixed a raster image bug where the image appeared repositioned when zoomed in very close.
  • Fixed an issue where custom images were not saved when creating Plant Picture Catalogues using DS|Manage360 plant labels

Product validation:
A new product validation process has been incorporated into DS|Design v6.0. The first time you start DS|Design after installing the update, validation will begin automatically to ensure that you have a genuine DynaSCAPE product and that it is used in accordance with the license agreement.

Monthly subscription renewal:
V6.0 also introduces a move from annual to monthly renewals of your DynaSCAPE subscriptions.  This change will take effect for you whenever your current subscription period ends.  At that time, your subscription schedule will change to renew each month going forward, instead of once a year.  We hope that this will help you by spreading your costs out over the whole year, and eliminate the need for you to plan for a larger single annual fee payment (please note: quarterly and annual payment options are still available).

How to receive this update:
Using v5 already? If you are currently using DS|Design version 5.0 or higher, the update to v6.0 can be downloaded by going to Start > (All) Programs > DynaSCAPE > Design > Check for DynaSCAPE Design Updates.

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