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Changes for DynaSCAPE Design 6.1 Patch

This Design v6.1 patch includes the following changes:

Improved AutoCAD functionality allows for import and export up to AutoCAD 2012 (R24) files. There is also an improvement on the types of geometry that can be imported. The import will also attempt to re-scale the imported drawings to save time. Improvements have also been made on exporting drawings to AutoCAD format including better geometry handling.

Fixes a bug that effected the Title Block Editor where the text entered would not appear on the title block.

How to receive this update:

If you are currently using DS|Design version 5.0 to 6.02, this update can be downloaded by going to Start > (All) Programs > DynaSCAPE > Design > Check for DynaSCAPE Design Updates

Not using version 6 yet? If you are using a pre-v5 version of design (v4.4 or older), you cannot upgrade using the internet update. Version 5.0-6.0 requires a new upgrade CD that can be ordered through the My Account page or by calling DynaSCAPE at 1.800.710.1900 (free to current subscribers)

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Questions? Call DynaSCAPE at 1-800-710-1900