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Changes and Improvements for DynaSCAPE Design 6.2

This release adds some great new functionality and a ton of fixes and general improvements.

Overview of the contents of this release:

New Features for v6.2:
  • New Figure Outliner tool helps with hatching
  • New 'Close' option to the Building Outline Tool
  • PDF file import as a raster
Other Improvements:
  • Drawing Recovery
  • Clustering - no longer erases figure outlines containing ellipses
  • Plant Picture Catalogue – plants without images are tagged
  • Smooth Polyline - Constraints turn off when using the Smooth Polyline option
  • Rasters – Allows for longer file paths for raster images
  • DPI Response Changes - allow DS|Design to run properly when the Windows Text is set to any DPI
Bug fixes:
  • Additional ghost crosshair/cursors fixed
  • Area Measuring Tool for Grayscale lines issue
  • Copy and Paste figures issue
  • Tab/Refresh Issue
  • Design Label panel mode issue
  • Softscape Label Panel Search issue
  • Plant Schedule from DS|Manage labels category issue
  • v5 Drawing metric drawing conversion issue
  • Rotating rasters direction issue for DS|Color

New Figure Outliner Tool:
New for v6.2 is a Figure Outliner Tool that creates outline around any library figure that has the Color Setup layer built into it. This tool creates the outline on the Temp layer so you can use it to help with hatching around figures like furniture, vehicles, BBQ’s etc. After installing this update the icon for this tool will be added to the Edit [Modify] toolbox. To use this tool simple left and then right click on a figure. The Temp layer will automatically turn on and an outline of the figure will be visible on the Temp layer (to check, click on the Temp_Mode).


New ‘Close’ Option for the Building Outline Tool: New for v6.2 is an option to close the building outline when drawing your house outline.

New PDF file import: New for v6.2 is the option to import a PDF as a raster image. This great for importing lot plans and surveys where converting the PDF to a JPG is not an option. Please note – large PDF files (18x24 and larger) will not import.

Other Improvements for v6.2

Drawing Recovery
: Improved drawing recovery where when opening drawings in a certain order the wrong drawing was recovered after a crash. Correct drawing is recovered every time.

Clustering Improvements:
Clustering no longer erases figure outlines containing ellipses. When clustering some DynaSCAPE plant figures or figures that have been skewed, the outline would often get completely erased. Now all figures should cluster correctly all the time.

Plant Picture Catalogue Improvements: All plants without images are now marked with a red ‘X’.

Smooth Polyline Improvements: When selecting the Smooth Polyline option for drawing curved lines, the constraints are automatically turned off.
Raster Improvements: Now you can insert rasters with files paths of up to 250 character length – from 128 characters.
DPI Response Changes: Now DS|Design can run properly when the Windows Text is set to any DPI is set to something other than 100%.

Bug Fixes for v6.2

  • Ghost Crosshairs Bug: Additional ghost crosshair/cursors fixed.
  • Area Measuring Tool Bug: Fixed the issue where measuring an area enclosed by grayscale (dashed) lines resulted in an incorrect measurement.
  • Copy and Pasting Figures Bug: Fixed an issue where figures that are inserted into a drawing are no longer exploded when inserted after copy and paste of another figure.
  • Tab/Refresh Issue: Fixed the issue where when you zoom to the drawing limits and then expand the CLI by holding [Shift] and using the up arrow key, the drawing screen goes blank until you hit refresh or zoom/pan.
  • Design Label panel mode issue: Fixed a bug with the Design Label Panel 'Insert labels on Takeoffs layer' option where all the layers of the drawing would turn off (except for the Takeoffs layer) when you use the Cumulative Area measuring tool and then toggle this option on and off.
  • Softscape Label search Issue: Fixed a bug where deleting search text would also delete the last plants label placed on the drawing.
  • Plant Schedule from DS|Manage labels issue: Fixed the issue where labels from Manage360 the plant categories were always listed in the Other Plants category in the Plant Schedule. If plants are not matched to the OPD they will still be listed in the Other Plants category.
  • v5 Drawing Metric drawing conversion issue: Fixed a bug where converting a pre-v5 metric drawing would result in all the line weights being set to '0' width.
  • Rotating rasters direction issue fixed for DS|Color: Fixed a bug where rasters that were rotated in DS|Design would be rotated the opposite direction on DS|Color.

How to receive this upgrade:

Using DS|Design v5 or v6 already? If you are currently using DS|Design 5.0 or higher, this update can be downloaded by going to Start > (All) Programs > DynaSCAPE > Design > Check for DynaSCAPE Design Updates

Not using v5 yet? If you are using a pre-v5 version of design (v4.4 or older), you cannot upgrade using the internet update. Version 5.0-5.3 requires a new upgrade CD that can be ordered through the My Account page or by calling DynaSCAPE at 1.800.710.1900 (free to current subscribers)

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