Skills Ontario Technological Competition 2016

Skills Ontario Technological Competition 2016

Landscape horticulture students from all over Ontario showed off their tremendous talents at the Skills Ontario Technological Competition this week in Waterloo, Ontario Canada. Several teams from high schools and colleges in Ontario competed in landscape design and construction projects.

DynaSCAPE was on hand as both Joe Salemi and Mike Tripp are heavily involved in the committee and organization of the landscape design competition.

While the Skills Ontario Technological Competition focuses on all trades, we highlight the young people that have taken a passionate interest in the landscape industry and all that it offers. We’re extremely proud of all of the students that committed their time and energy to compete in the landscape construction and design competitions. They are our future industry professionals, and the future looks very bright!

About Skills Ontario

Skills Ontario is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the skilled trades and technologies. Since 1989, they have accomplished this through a number of initiatives, including Young Women’s Initiatives, our Aboriginal Initiatives, In-School Presentations, our Skills Work!® Summer Camp Programs, Cardboard Boat Races and Video Challenges, and Ontario Technological Skills Competition: Canada’s largest skilled trades and technology competition. They also offer a number of resources for Ontario’s youth to find, and develop, their passion for the skilled trades and technologies.

NLAE Conference Comes to Toronto

NLAE Conference Comes to Toronto

1NLAEEvery year all of the Executive Directors of many of the state and provincial landscape industry trade associations meet and discuss common issues. This year, the group is meeting in Toronto, Ontario Canada and started their first day by hearing from the leading edge of technology companies in the landscape industry.

I was asked to give a brief presentation on what DynaSCAPE is all about and how we are involved with associations and can help contribute to their mission. The networking reception following the afternoon session was incredible, fostering so much discussion about how DynaSCAPE can get involved in assisting state and provincial landscape trade associations generate revenue by holding workshops, offering additional value to membership by offering a discount on the purchase of DynaSCAPE’s software and many other opportunities.

NLAE website

Nursery Landscape Association Executives website

We’re in the business of helping the landscape industry, which is the exact same business as the trade associations. We’re all serving a common mission.

DynaSCAPE is a proud member of:

Technology is replacing the pencil

Technology is replacing the pencil


Written by Patrick DuChene, DuChene Design Solutions

IMG_0143This project was a revolutionary breakthrough in the DuChene Design Solutions workflow.  Workflow is such a crucial aspect of the design, estimating and presentation process and I am always looking at new ways to increase my productivity and quality of my product.  With the introduction of the new iPad Pro to my toolset, my ability to communicate with my designers has just gotten better by leaps and bounds. 

This was a pilot project where I integrate hand sketching into the process to communicate with my designer.  She created a base sheet for me of the house and existing conditions in DynaSCAPE Design and was then saved as a PDF.  I opened the PDF on the iPad Pro, and using a PDF Expert 5, I created a labeled hand sketch that communicated my ideas for this project.  Color coding plant material, hand written notes and dimensions were included for her to understand my intent.  Once this was completed, she opened up the PDF back into DynaSCAPE Design and was able to very easily and quickly create the design almost exactly how it was sketched.  Once she completed the design, I opened the design in DynaSCAPE Color and applied the color textures to the design to create a great looking final drawing for the client.

Experimenting with this workflow was a great experience as I was easily able to do some hand drawing that I do not often get to do, all without picking up a single traditional pencil and no paper used at all.  DynaSCAPE Software is such a powerful standalone product, but when you think outside the box of how you can use it with other products, the sky is the limit for what you can produce and provide your client! 

10 Traits of a Great Sales Person

10 Traits of a Great Sales Person

In Grant Cardone’s book, Sell or Be Sold he talks about 10 Traits of a Great Sales Person. 

1. Is willing to be told no. 

“Can’t make the shot you never take,” said Wayne Gretzky. To be a great salesperson you have to be willing to be told no and then allow people to tell you no more than once. Most salespeople never ask for the order repeatedly, failing to even ask for the no, trying to avoid the very thing they are certain to end up with. 

2. Asks for the order regardless. 

Believe it or not this is the number one reason salespeople fail is because they just never ask, “Can I get your signature here and here, please?” Most salespeople believe they ask for the order more than they do and in fact never even asked the first time much less enough times. They are probably trying to avoid rejection, getting a no, or failure or because the discipline of asking hasn’t been developed yet. Many people who are unable to ask are operating under the false belief that if they are just nice to people the people will buy from them. Only a very small percentage of the people will buy from you without you asking, and most will only buy after you have asked five times. If you are unwilling to ask for the order you will only get the leftovers of those who are professionally trained to ask for an order. 

3. Listens selectively. 

If you are one of those people who believes everything someone says to you is true and that what people say is what they will do, you will be a disaster at selling. People will say many things to you that are close to meaningless: “I can’t afford it, we are on a budget.” “We aren’t buying today, we are going to wait until . . .” “We never buy at the first place.” “I have to talk to my wife.” “I’ll see you later today.” The list goes on and on. If you are a gullible person and just believe everything your client tells you is “the gospel,” sorry you aren’t cut out for selling. 

4. Stays sold on their own story. 

If you happen to be one of those personality types that is easily sold on another’s story and unable to hold your conviction and belief about those things you are sold on, you will suck at selling your own products and be great at getting sold on others. You are stuck in some kind of reverse boomerang universe where you intend to sell your story, products, or services, and then end up buying everyone’s stories rather than selling your own.

5. Asks questions. 

If you hate asking questions and feel doing so is “too” personal or prying into someone’s business, you will not make it in the field of sales or as a negotiator. “What is your income?” “How long have you worked there?” “Who is the decision maker?” “Why can’t you do this?” These are questions you will have to learn to ask. If questions cause you discomfort that you are not willing to handle, this will determine your fate in sales or, for that matter, in all negotiations. 

6. Gets answers to questions. 

I know some salespeople who don’t mind asking questions, but they never take the time to actually get an answer. These people believe they are controlling the conversation by asking questions, but they fail as salespeople because they never insist on the answers. They ask a question and then ask another, sometimes answering questions themselves for the customer and never getting anywhere. The person who controls the sale is not the person simply asking questions, but the person who can get answers to questions. 

7. Knows that price is not the issue. 

If you believe the lowest price is the reason people buy things, then you should not consider sales. You should become a clerk at Wal-Mart or a waiter in a restaurant. Cheaper alternatives can replace 99.9 percent of all products on this planet. Whether it is a purse, phone, TV, automobile, insurance, mortgage, etc., someone, somewhere can and will sell it for less. Even more of a reality is that most of the things that are bought and sold are not necessary to have, so if a person wanted the lowest price, the thing to do would be to not buy it at all. Too high of a price is actually a myth and not the reason people buy anything, but if you believe the lowest price is the reason people buy things you should not be in sales. 

8. Is willing to pressure and persist. 

If you are one of those people who became convinced as a child by your parents, teacher, and environment that getting your way is a bad thing then you should avoid all sales jobs and any job involving negotiating, debating, or entrepreneurship. A diamond is only coal until the right amount of pressure is applied for the right amount of time. People will not separate from their money or make decisions without someone building value and then insisting on someone taking action. If you despise pressure or persistence don’t do sales and do not go into business for yourself. 

9. Believes in selling as a good thing. 

Most salespeople actually believe that what they are doing is wrong and unethical, and because they believe that what they are doing is a bad thing they will fail at it. Even one small dose of this type of thinking will kill your chances of ever making it in sales. Great salespeople are proud of their title and profession and know that nothing happens on this planet without salespeople. 

10. Trains and prepares constantly. 

If you are one of those people who thinks they are going to successfully sell just because of their natural abilities and who is unwilling to train and prepare, you will not make it as a salesperson. You can be an average salesperson, but you will probably die broke. Even great salespeople over the life of their careers will be plagued with competitive threats, industry changes, and challenging economies, and they will find themselves at risk. To be great at selling you will have to make a commitment to sales training, sales seminars and books, and staying connecting to sales tips and sales strategies.

About Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is an international sales expert, New York Times best-selling author, and radio show host of The Cardone Zone. He has founded three companies: Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Real Estate Holdings, and the Cardone Group. He has shared his sales and business expertise as a motivational speaker and author of five books: Sell to Survive; The Closers Survival Guide; If You’re Not First, You’re Last; The 10X Rule; andSell or Be Sold.

Benefits of Landscape Design Software

Benefits of Landscape Design Software

Design software can save you time, give you more flexibility and increase your sales. So why aren’t you using it?


Drawing by DuChene Design Solutions using DynaSCAPE Design and Color

No one likes change, but, like death and taxes, it’s one thing you can count on in life. You can’t stop it, so why fight it, right? But fear of change is exactly why the use of design software is not as widespread in the design/build industry as perhaps it should be.

Patrick DuChene knows firsthand the benefits of design software. As the owner of DuChene Design Solutions, which provides design services to landscape design/build companies, he has been using it since 2006. At that time, he was running a large landscape design/build division and had multiple responsibilities. He felt that hand-rendered designs were starting to become a drain on his time.

Check out the full article in Turf Design Build magazine: