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The Future of Landscape Design Software

Where the technology is headed, and how you can keep up with it as it changes. From last century to today, landscape design has gone from hand-drawing on paper, to CAD drawing in 2D, to designing and rendering in 3D. Many still prefer the finesse and artistry of...

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Patrick DuChene Design Webinar Series

DynaSCAPE Software and Patrick DuChene of DuChene Design Solutions have partnered to present a series of Tips & Tricks webinars that will show how Patrick has learned to do particular tasks while he has used DynaSCAPE's design suite of applications. We will also...

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DynaSCAPE Update v6.2 Webinar

For best viewing of the video below, click the “Change quality” button on the bottom and choose “720p (HD)” and then, if desired, click the “Full screen” button in the bottom right...

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