Today’s Agenda Outlined

DynaSCAPE Budgeting & Estimating Workshop

  1. Examine the different overhead recovery factors and how to use their strengths and weaknesses to your advantage
    • Single
    • Multiple
    • Unit Pricing
    • Discussion – what do you use? Do you have a method to recover overhead?
  2. Direct vs Indirect Expenses
    • Where do you put equipment?
    • Configuration Spreadsheet
  3. Profit Margins vs. Markups
  4. Projecting your sales for the upcoming season
  5. How to calculate costs and pricing for each major area of the costbook
    • Labor
    • Equipment
    • Materials
    • Subcontracting
    • Other (rentals, etc.)
  1. Building Kits to make your estimating life easier
  2. Job Factors that should be considered on every estimate (General Conditions)
  3. Methods for keeping your costbook organized
    • Import material lists from a spreadsheet – and how to quickly update information for materials
  4. Best practice terms and conditions for Landscape Maintenance contracts


  1. DynaSCAPE Budgeting Spreadsheet
  2. DynaSCAPE Overhead Recovery Guide
  3. DynaSCAPE Kits & Services Guide