The advantages of using web-based software

Contractors occasionally ask us why the new DS|Manage business management software is a web-based program, (meaning you access the program through your web browser) and what the benefits are for their business. Depending on the application of the program, there are several reasons why web based software has the advantage over traditional programs that need to be installed with a disc. Some of these advantages include:

  • Access to the software from any location with an internet connection. Connect from the field, home, or office from any computer, anytime
  • No installation or special hardware is required which saves you time because you rarely have to deal with technical issues
  • Up front costs are low, making web-based software more affordable to begin using

There’s an article in USA Today that does a great job explaining web-based software and how it’s having a profound effect on small businesses.

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Note: Web-based software is also known as “SaaS” or “Software-as-a-Service”


Jeff Morris

Spring is here

Hi everyone.  I trust you are all busy gearing up for spring if you are not already busy with the spring rush.  Our busiest season is coming to a close and the next major development push is already under way.  We have been to all of our tradeshows and are encouraged by the outlook this year in comparison to last year.  Most people we have talked to are getting more work and see things improving this year.  We are currently working on releasing a significant update for DS|Manage due out shortly and have big plans for the coming year.  We intend to focus on adding maintenance and job costing in the next year and are looking forward to keeping you up to date with our progress.

Till next time,

Harry Ludwig

It’s an exciting new year

Another new year is upon us and we are looking forward to having our best year ever.  We hope everyone has had a sucessful year in spite of the down economy and is looking forward to an even better year this year. 

We will be releasing a number of enhancements to our DS|Manage software in the coming year that we’d like to tell you about including some enhancements to the Sales and Estimating Module and the release of our new Job Tracking module.  The enhancements to the Sales and Estimating Module are expected to be released in the next few weeks and will include the following:

  • The ability to automatically add general conditions to an estimate and spread them across the different price groupings of the estimate.
  • Production rates by plant size to make estimating plantings easier.
  • Richer and more customizable proposals.
  • The ability to create customized reports.
  • And much, much more.

The Job Tracking module will include the ability to track all labor, materials and equipment used and compare the costs and quantities to the estimates to help improve efficiency and your estimating.  We hope to release this module in the next few months.

We will also be at a number of tradeshows in the next couple months so please come by and see us.

Harry Ludwig

Hi From Louisville

Hi All,

We’re here in Louisville, KY for the GIE + Expo this week.  If you’re at the show please stop by booth 9152 and have a look at the new DynaSCAPE Manage.  We’d love to show you the the software and talk about what we’re working on next.

Currently we are working on adding a general conditions screen where you can automatically calculate travel time, load and unload time, site cleanup and any other general conditions for a job.  The price for these general conditions can then be spread accross all areas of the estimate automatically.  We are also working on giving you more control over proposal as well as adding payment terms.  Look for these updates to be released later thisyear.  For complete details give us a call or stop by our booth.  Stay tuned for more information.

Harry Ludwig

Welcome to the Business Solutions section

Welcome to the Business Solutions section of the DynaSCAPE Blog. My name is Harry Ludwig, Product Manager – DynaSCAPE Business Solutions. I am responsible for leading the development and implementation of our DynaSCAPE Manage suite of products.  We will be using this blog to keep you updated on the Business Solutions product development. We will also post current DynaSCAPE and industry news, as well as other information that will help you improve your business.  Please send any feedback/suggestions to
I’ll be posting again soon. Stay tuned.

Harry Ludwig

Product Manager – Business Solutions