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Spectacular, information-rich landscape designs

The quality of DynaSCAPE Design drawings leaps off the page with their fine line weights, precise shapes, and an artistic flare that makes it hard to believe that they weren’t hand-drawn.

Impressive Presentations

DynaSCAPE’s CAD-based design solutions allow you to produce impressive, job-winning presentations in a fraction of the time that it takes you now in hand-drawn, hand-rendered quality.

Integration is Key

Seamless integration with the rest of the DynaSCAPE suite makes it easy for you to transform your drawings into accurate estimates. Import AutoCAD files and export to AutoCAD files. Export to SketchUp for best-in-class 3D modelling.

Sell More!

By significantly reducing the amount of time required to add a professional hand-colored appearance to your DynaSCAPE drawings, DynaSCAPE Color lets you produce more full-color drawings for your clients, helping you to sell more of your designs.


Hand-drawn & Rendered

Produce consistently professional-looking output that will help you win contracts. Impress your clients with its easy to read, crisp, clean line weights.

Increase Your Capacity

Repetitive tasks are made easy. Drawing revisions require much less effort. Store and reuse concepts and details. Make multiple drawing views without having to redraw each time. Use of layers allows multiple print-outs without having to redraw. 

Built-in Plant List

Choose from over 12,000 plants. Select plants by name and view full color images and cultural information. Search for plants by characteristic, bloom or color. Build your own detailed plant material database for labeling.

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Color Swatches

SketchUp Components

make the quality of your landscape designs a priority.

It happens with dynascape.

Create designs in a hand-drawn style that look simply amazing

Produce painstaking details in a fraction of the time. Communicate great design ideas with great-looking designs. Elicit great design ideas from every estimator on your team, regardless of drawing abilities. Produce consistently professional-looking output that will help you win contracts. Impress your clients with its easy to read, crisp, clean line weights.

Drastically improve your closing percentage with our Color rendering

DynaSCAPE Color is an advanced tool that lets you add an entire spectrum of subtle colorings, textures, opacities and shadings to any DynaSCAPE design with just a few series of mouse-clicks. 

Streamline your jobsite setup time

With DynaSCAPE’s layout and dimension toolsets, you’ll quickly and easily be able to provide a professional set of instructions for your crews to effectively manage everyone’s time and expectations.

Make the most of the Spring rush
with DynaSCAPE and save 15%
use promo code: spring15

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

Love the transition from AutoCAD to DynaSCAPE! The Sketch3D warehouse and plugin made my life so much easier!

Alma Lebaron, Recent Graduate, North Dakota State University

The drawings give them a better understanding of the colours, textures, and patterns I intend to use and this brings the landscape to life. This new drawing ‘tool’ creates great colour illustrations, I save hours of my time at the drafting table hand-colouring, and it’s very easy to use. I know it will help to sell the landscape design and therefore, the landscape project.

Lexi Dearborn, Dearborn Designs

“The best graphics on the market”

Patrick DuChene, DuChene Design Solutions

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