Slowness with Export to SketchUp

Known Issue

The DS|Design update to v6.4 contains a minor compatibility issue with Microsoft Security Essentials which could be installed on your Windows XP,Vista or 7 machine OR with Windows Defender which is automatically installed on Windows 8.

ISSUE: The compatibility issue occurs at the time of exporting to SketchUp in DS|Design, the Microsoft Security software will scan the activity and cause a considerable slowdown in the export process.

NEXT STEPS: The issue has been reported to Trimble and they will investigate further, if this can be repaired we will provide this fix in a future update for DS|Design.

WORKAROUND: To prevent this slow down, exclusions will need to be created for the DS|Design software within Microsoft Security Essentials/Windows Defender as instructed below.


How to exclude the DS|Design application from Microsoft Security Essentials scan in Windows 7/Vista/XP

1. Open Security Essentials by following these instructions:

  • Windows 7/Vista, click Start button, start typing security essentials then click on Security Essentials
  • Windows XP, click Start>All programs>Microsoft Security Essentials


2. Go to the “Settings” tab and Click “Exclude processes” then click “Browse”


3. Browse to C: > Program Files OR Program Files(x86) > Dynascape >Design > Select the dscape.exe then click OK


4. After selecting exe click “Add


5. To finish the process, now you can click Save Changes


How to exclude a file/folder from Windows Defender malware scan in Windows 8.1

Please note: If you have Malware/Antivirus software installed you may not need to do this. When you open Defender if you see the following screen, then you can click Close and no further action is required.


1. Open Windows Defender by clicking the Start button, type in Windows Defender then click on Windows Defender


2. Go to the “Settings” tab, click“Exclude processes” then click “Browse”


3. Browse to C: > Program Files(x86) > Dynascape > Design > Select the exe then click OK


4. After selecting a file/folder, click “Add”


5. To finish the process, now you can click Save Changes



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