A new year brings new challenges…

Hi Folks,

Its the start of a new year and at DynaScape it is a very busy time. As usual, we can be found at a number of trade shows across the Canada and the US. Please stop by to see some of the exciting new changes we’ve made in the past year to all our products.

2009 was a challenging year, mainly because of the economy, but based on an excellent December sales report things appear to be improving. We hope this year brings improved success and more confidence to all of us in this industry.

This past year we put out new and better versions of DS|Design and DS|Color and the feedback has been very good. We have plans this year to improve all our products even more, and we hope to add a new product or two to the lineup. You should see a good number of small but helpful changes to DS|Design as well as an integration piece with Google SketchUp to give you the opportunity to create 3D models of your design. DS|Color will go through another phase of changes, one of them hopefully being an ‘auto-color’ feature to make coloring even faster. We are also looking at adding a brand new presentation tool that makes use of both newer technologies and our changing culture.

Developing software has it’s own challenges and things don’t always go as smoothly as you hope. Our goal is to make our products as efficient and easy to use as possible, and sometimes a seemingly small change can be more difficult than it appears on the outside. Like any business we continue to weigh out the cost vs benefits of everything we do. We want to continue providing tools for the industry that we passionately care about.

All the best for the new year!

Len Hordyk