Cool DS|Color changes coming…

Hi Folks,

I wanted to let you know that I’ve been testing a bunch of the new features and improvements we’re making to DynaScape Color and one of them really stands out. We’re adding a Drawing Update feature, that allows you to make changes to your drawing in DS|Design and then automatically ‘update’ the drawing in DS|Color. I know you’ll be pleased about it because it is one of our most frequently requested enhancements.

This is how the Drawing Update in Color works: Say you’ve colored 90% of your drawing and notice a spelling mistake or you forgot to create a closed area on the drawing. All you have to do is make the changes on your drawing in DS|Design, save it, and then update the drawing in DS|Color. Everything you colored earlier will remain colored except any new things you add. And, there is no need to start over if the customer asks for a revision. It’s pretty smart too: if you move stuff around, like trees, they will remain colored. If you change the shape of an area it adjusts the color to the new shape. Cool stuff!

We are very excited about how well this feature is working and we think you will be too. We are making more changes to Color and I will keep you posted. These will all be part of an update to be released later this year.

Len Hordyk