Interview with Wickie Rowland

Interview with Wickie Rowland


In a recent interview with Wickie Rowland, APLD of Labrie Associates Design & Build, our own Joe Salemi asks Wickie how she got started as a professional landscape designer, how she stays motived, where she draws her inspiration from, and how she decided to move forward with DynaSCAPE as her landscape design software of choice.

Wickie has recently achieved her certification with the Association of Professional Landscape Designers!

Wickie Rowland LandscapingWickie Rowland has been drawing ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Her landscape design work has been featured in KLC School of Design’s 2011, 2012, and 2013 London shows, and she won two bronze medals in the KLC School of Design’s 2013 Alumni competition, designing two gardens for the Eden Project in Cornwall, England. She was the recipient of the APLD Silver Award for the modified rain garden in 2017. On the other side of the competition coin, Wickie has also been a judge of the Boston Flower Show.

Besides using her drawing skills to design gardens, Wickie has written and illustrated two children’s books, Good Morning Strawbery Banke (which won first place in the New England Museum Association’s Publications competition in 2011) and Good Morning, Piscataqua, released in May of 2014.

Interview With Matt Hiner

Interview With Matt Hiner

In a recent interview with Matt Hiner of Hiner Landscapes in Colorado Springs, CO, our own Joe Salemi asks Matt how he got into the landscape business, what he has done to surround himself with a great team, and what drew him to DynaSCAPE. Matt referenced a great book, titled “The Great Game of Business” which is a very helpful business coaching system (

Elite Award Winner for Innovation from the Association Landscape Contractors of Colorado!

Hiner Landscapes may not have invented 3D design, but they have definitely pioneered a design process that takes full advantage of its capabilities to provide a positive and informative experience. Their ground-breaking efforts earned us The ELITE Award for Innovation from Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado last year. Using several software programs together, Hiner is able to create a photo-realistic, animated fly-through video of a design concept. Illustrating the design in a way that 2D cannot. For professional landscape design, consultation and installation, more local homeowners are choosing Hiner Landscapes over any other landscape design/build firm in the area. They are the only firm that works laterally with their clients every step of the way to ensure their landscaping needs are met while upholding their high standards of professionalism and excellence.

DynaSCAPE Client Profile: Pearce B Designs

DynaSCAPE Client Profile: Pearce B Designs

Pearce ButcherPearce initially made the decision to invest in DynaSCAPE Design this past Feb ’18. In a very short amount of time, she was able to learn how it works and create beautiful job-winning landscape plans. Her hybridized approach of creating her plans using DynaSCAPE Design and rendering them by hand produced a style that can only be described as a marriage of her passion for art and landscape design, and they really are stunning.


Getting Started

When I was talking to Pearce about how she got started, she described her passion for the outdoors and how her creative curiosity drove her to wanting to design and create. Her undergraduate studies included art and geology, but she found a new passion, learning about landscape design. Moving to the DC Metro area to take an internship with a landscape design/build firm, she enrolled George Washington University’s landscape design program in the evenings. Right around the time she earned her certificate in landscape design is when she started her family.

PearceButcherLiving in Phoenix, AZ for the better part of four years with her plant expertise residing with east coast palettes meant that she was feeling a bit out of her element. Pearce and her family moved back to South Carolina about three years ago and has really found that she’s hitting her strides now.

Building the Business

Seeing a gap in the marketplace, Pearce positioned herself and her business as a resource for homeowners that were looking to get landscape work done but wanted to start with a plan, and a resource for homebuilders and landscape contractors who don’t have landscape designers on staff. Now Pearce B Designs is a booming landscape design business that regularly keeps Pearce in a fun balancing act being a mom to three beautiful children and running a successful landscape design firm.

Catalyst for Change

As a professional landscape designer who drew by hand for many years, Pearce found herself with a heavy workload that often took much too long to turn around finished presentations needing to increase her capacity. She mentioned that she was avoiding discussions about plan revisions simply because they were too difficult to do by hand; couple that with needing to manually creating plant lists, takeoffs, plant photo catalogs and not being able to be mobile in her work. She decided that she was going to move to a software solution for her landscape design work.

In her search for the right software solution, Pearce evaluated Pro Landscape, Vectorworks Landmark, Land F/X, and DynaSCAPE Design. She mentioned that she had been looking at Vectorworks Landmark for sometime, but kept coming back to DynaSCAPE because of the beautiful graphics (the artist in her had a hard time letting go of the hand drawn look), the learning curve, and the price point.

An Educated Decision That Paid Off

PearceButcherIn five months, Pearce has learned how to be very effective using DynaSCAPE Design and references her successes in increasing her capacity to complete larger projects and more work overall as well as significantly increasing her efficiency has led to a more successful landscape design business. She said she loves that she can make changes quickly and can easily work with the data she collects during the site analysis phase. If she could add one thing, she would like DynaSCAPE to add more plant symbols of larger varieties.

Please check out Pearce B Design’s website and follow her on Instagram!