The Future is Bright!

The Future is Bright!

In March 2019, DynaSCAPE sponsored the National Collegiate Landscape Competition – Joe Salemi was there to scope out the up-and-comers of the landscape industry, and recap the event highlights.

Above is just a small sample of the audience in attendance for the Closing Ceremonies

One of the biggest issues affecting the professional landscape industry right now is access to quality people, and often it seems like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel; that is, until you experience the National Collegiate Landscape Competition. As a four-day event with over 1,200 students, faculty, and industry leaders collaborating across workshops, professional development series, networking events, a career fair, and competitions, you leave with the feeling that the industry is going to be just fine. I’ve now had the opportunity to experience this event for six consecutive years, and each year it continues to get bigger. In fact, if you don’t book your hotel early and/or secure your registration, there just might not be any room at the inn for you.

DynaSCAPE’s Joe Salemi oversees the Landscape Design competition, and offers technical help as needed.

Many industry-related sponsors invest a significant amount of time, effort and money because students are our future industry leaders, and they want early (and regular) exposure to these young professionals. DynaSCAPE isn’t any different; in fact, we have a strong academic program with our landscape design software being taught in 61 of the 68 schools that participated.

For professional landscape companies that haven’t been to this amazing event, but are looking for quality, young people to join their organizations, here’s some inside information:

  • Secure a lead or assistant sponsorship for a competition;
  • Book a booth at the Career Fair;
  • Build relationships with your local college or university, and get to know the department heads and instructors;
  • Sponsor your local participating school’s t-shirt (they wear them all week long!); and,
  • Attend the networking events like the Industry/Faculty Reception.

We know these students are serious about their futures not only because of the amazing work they’re producing, but also because they commit to the event during Spring Break. While thousands of their friends are vacationing and taking a break from school for the week, these bright and dedicated young people are focused on building a pathway to success for their future careers.

The Student Career Fair can get quite busy, but is by far the best place to snag your next landscape professional.

While most people imagine relaxing during Spring Break, these students are hard at work during the Planting Install competition.

Even if you’re only mildly considering participating in the National Collegiate Landscape Competition by either helping with a competition or in the career fair, I strongly suggest planning for it now. Landscape companies big and small were at the career fair looking for young professionals to intern and join their teams. There is no other event in North America that even comes close in size and scope for the future leaders of the landscape industry.

Click here to see pictures and final results of the 2019 competition.

Click here for more information on the National Collegiate Landscape Competition in 2020.

Interview with Wickie Rowland

Interview with Wickie Rowland


In a recent interview with Wickie Rowland, APLD of Labrie Associates Design & Build, our own Joe Salemi asks Wickie how she got started as a professional landscape designer, how she stays motived, where she draws her inspiration from, and how she decided to move forward with DynaSCAPE as her landscape design software of choice.

Wickie has recently achieved her certification with the Association of Professional Landscape Designers!

Wickie Rowland LandscapingWickie Rowland has been drawing ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Her landscape design work has been featured in KLC School of Design’s 2011, 2012, and 2013 London shows, and she won two bronze medals in the KLC School of Design’s 2013 Alumni competition, designing two gardens for the Eden Project in Cornwall, England. She was the recipient of the APLD Silver Award for the modified rain garden in 2017. On the other side of the competition coin, Wickie has also been a judge of the Boston Flower Show.

Besides using her drawing skills to design gardens, Wickie has written and illustrated two children’s books, Good Morning Strawbery Banke (which won first place in the New England Museum Association’s Publications competition in 2011) and Good Morning, Piscataqua, released in May of 2014.

Interview With Landscape Designer: Matt Hiner

Interview With Landscape Designer: Matt Hiner

In a recent interview with Matt Hiner of Hiner Landscapes in Colorado Springs, CO, our own Joe Salemi asks Matt how he got into the landscape business, what he has done to surround himself with a great team, and what drew him to DynaSCAPE. Matt referenced a great book, titled “The Great Game of Business” which is a very helpful business coaching system (


Elite Award Winner for Innovation from the Association Landscape Contractors of Colorado!

Hiner Landscapes may not have invented 3D design, but they have definitely pioneered a design process that takes full advantage of its capabilities to provide a positive and informative experience. Their ground-breaking efforts earned us The ELITE Award for Innovation from Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado last year. Using several software programs together, Hiner is able to create a photo-realistic, animated fly-through video of a design concept. Illustrating the design in a way that 2D cannot. For professional landscape design, consultation and installation, more local homeowners are choosing Hiner Landscapes over any other landscape design/build firm in the area. They are the only firm that works laterally with their clients every step of the way to ensure their landscaping needs are met while upholding their high standards of professionalism and excellence.

Landscape Design Image
Interview with Christian Brown

Interview with Christian Brown

In a recent interview with Christian Brown of Perfect Landscapes, our own Joe Salemi asks Christian how he got into the landscape business, what he has done to surround himself with a great team, and what drew him to DynaSCAPE.

Perfect Landscapes is the leader in custom residential and commercial landscape maintenance, design and installation for Northern Virginia.

They take pride in transforming your outdoor space into a usable, and enjoyable place that you will want to use every day and that will increase the value of your home and appeal of your business. Perfect Landscapes provides their clientele with formidable quality, design and service. The vision of the firm’s qualified professionals is to create new and innovative landscape architecture, while preserving the sanctity of traditional landscapes.

Perfect Landscapes
Interview with Patrick DuChene

Interview with Patrick DuChene

In a recent interview with Patrick DuChene of DuChene Design Solutions, our own Joe Salemi asks Patrick how he got into the landscape business, what he has done to surround himself with a great team, and what drew him to DynaSCAPE.

About DuChene Design Solutions, LLC

Founded by Patrick J. DuChene to provide the best design and 3D modeling services available for the landscape industry.

DuChene Design Solutions, LLC was founded to provide landscape design/build firms with dynamic, cutting edge design presentations and 3D visualizations to increase sales closing rates, improve design presentation, and grow their business. We take great pride in our ability to communicate with the companies with which we work to deliver exactly what is needed to help their business grow, compete and succeed. Beyond our design services, we consult with our clients on strategies for closing sales as well as managing their business for growth and prosperity. The landscape industry is very competitive, and our mission is to equip our clients with a superior product while fostering a profitable working relationship based on respect, trust, and communication.

3D Landscape Design Example
Dipping Your Toe Into 3D Waters

Dipping Your Toe Into 3D Waters

The concept of 3D modeling for landscape design isn’t a new one, but for many it’s a consideration that’s been on the table for many years. What’s the hesitation? Well, there’s many and that’s ok. For others, like any other technology adoption model, the early adopters have embraced 3D landscape design and haven’t looked back. Does that mean they never produce CAD drawings? No, it just means that what is presented to the client is a beautifully imagined and visualized outdoor living space that can speak for itself. The CAD drawings and color renderings go to support the conceptual design process, assist in producing construction documents, and layout/dimension plans for your crews.

Think of it in terms that you’re adding to your skill set rather than replacing one for another. Layering on your skills as they relate to landscape design software solutions can take time and a will to grow and continuously improve. The most common question we get is “how does it all work and how do I get started?” I’ve broken it down, step-by-step on what the process is to go from CAD plan to 3D model ready to be presented to your client.

There are a few things to consider as you think about dipping your toe into the 3D waters:

  1. Having the right hardware to support 3D modeling (powerful processor, enough RAM, solid state hard drive, and very importantly having a dedicated graphics card).
  2. Choosing the right software solution to support the finished presentation you’re looking for. Here at DynaSCAPE, we chose to integrate with SketchUp because we believe it is the best-in-class 3D software solution regardless of what industry you’re in. It just so happens SketchUp is awesome for landscape design!
  3. Invest the right amount of time and effort into learning how the software works. The right amount of time is going to vary from person to person and that’s ok. Most people have a decent understanding of how they learn best. Are videos helpful or do you need someone beside you to show you how it works? The right amount of time is going to depending on lots but what to take away from this is that you should carve out dedicated learning time to figure out how it works.
  4. Build a portfolio of models that you have created and use those to show your potential clients of what you’re now capable of doing. Use your learning time to build that portfolio which will help you get paid work.
  5. Creating a business model for the 3D services you now offer. Charging a premium design fee for your 3D services is what most landscape designers are doing now. Build a business model for yourself that will help you recoup the investment you made in acquiring your new 3D modeling skills and will be a continual revenue generator for you.

Here’s how it works (if you’re using DynaSCAPE’s Design software)

Step 1:


From DS|Design choose ‘Export to SketchUp format’

Step 2:


Open your design in SketchUp.

Step 3:


Run the DynaSCAPE CAD Cleanup tool to prepare it for modeling.

Step 4:


Begin modeling the house and hardscape elements.

Step 5:


Add material textures.

Step 6:


Replace 2D symbols with 3D models.

Step 7:


Finish model and create scenes from various angles.

Step 8: Prepare a presentation for your client by:

  • Exporting them as images and  printing them out or emailing them to a client or
  • Creating a  walk through video or
  • Rendering the model with one of the many rendering programs to create photorealistic images of your finished design.

From DynaSCAPE to SketchUp

Basic Steps for Modeling

Presentation Options Overview

Request Information About DS|Sketch3D