New Year, New Landscape Design (2020 Trends)

New Year, New Landscape Design (2020 Trends)

The start of any new decade is the start of a brand-new style. A look throughout history has shown that each decade has its own unique identity, and 2020 is going to be no different. The early 2000s saw an environmentalist movement that has engulfed the last 20 years. We’ve seen the rise of more organic products and materials, less waste, and the establishment of smaller outdoor spaces in places where there isn’t normally one. Landscape design has come a long way from the simple basics of the early 1920s to what it is today.

So, as we move into not just a new year, but a new decade, it’s now we will figure out what the new landscape design trends for 2020 and the 2020s will bring us. With the urban jungle continuing to expand, people are looking for their own green space. With so many ideas out there, let’s look at some of the new trends coming to landscape design that professional landscapers are already planning for.

Low-Maintenance Landscape Design

The top trend amongst all homeowners is definitely low-maintenance landscaping. There will always be a certain level of work to maintain a garden area, but the trend is leaning towards doing as little work as possible. Simply put, lives are getting busier, there are more distractions and homeowners don’t want to spend the same time maintaining a garden or lawn when they could be enjoying other activities. Low maintenance turf lawns will be in high demand, which will come at a higher price. However, the time savings of now having to water and fertilizer is preferable to homeowners.

It’s also important for environmental reasons to ensure lawns are drought resistant, as a lack of water from Mother Nature will either leave a homeowner with a hefty water bill or a patch of dead grass. For landscape design, it’s about finding that right style that not only fits the owner’s lifestyle but also their environmental and water conservation preferences.

Bring the Indoors Outside

If homeowners have backyards, they want to use them. Many homeowners are looking at backyards as not just grass and gardens, but another room to their home. People are bringing their entertainment to their backyard, so creating an outdoor room is a huge trend heading into this new decade. How landscape design businesses are treating this trend is by adding throw pillows, cushioned chairs, and sofas to outdoor spaces. It’s about style and comfort, as outdoor patios are serving a greater function today as a second living room or dining room.

Outdoor kitchens are evolving beyond just the grill to include elements of sinks, countertops and storage for a complete outdoor kitchen. Getting outdoors and back into nature is a definite trend of this new generation, so enjoying their personal outdoor living space is the easiest answer.

The Organic Garden

Organic is still going to continue on in 2020 and beyond, as environmental concerns continue to be front and center. With that in mind, a lot of people are turning to vegan and vegetarian diets or adding a lot more vegetarian options to their weekly meal plan. And rather than going to the store, they are looking at their backyards. Landscape design in 2020 will see plenty of organic space for edible gardens. Gardens that look good to the eye, but also provide a plentiful bounty of vegetables and herbs.

It’s also adding regenerative gardening space, which can be used over and over again. Homeowners are looking for sustainability from their garden in their landscape design. Something that year over year, with proper care, can be regenerated into more edibles while at the same time using methods such as composting to help the environment.

Vertical Gardening

One of the most valuable trends to hit 2020 will be the vertical garden in landscape design. As urban sprawl continues, more high-rise apartments are being built in major cities. These owners still want the garden feeling, even if they only have a small balcony or patio. So, they are taking their garden upwards, which is a great way to utilize space, even when there isn’t much of it. It’s interesting to think that landscape design now has to think literally up and down, as much as they think about the width and length of a backyard.

For those with a full green space, vertical gardening is becoming the outdoor equivalent to the accent wall. Rather than just a fence, a vertical garden offers a better overall visual setting and can help create different settings or rooms in a backyard space.

Minimalist Lighting

The minimalist movement has moved from the closest and indoor space to the outdoor space as well. Landscape design will have to do more with less. That includes fewer lighting fixtures that still cover an entire area that needs to be lit. That includes placing LED lights under walkways and stairs or under structures such as benches and bridges.

If a light fixture is to be seen, homeowners are wanting the indoor style lighting to notice, such as chandeliers for seating and dining areas. Much like before, it’s about bringing the indoors outside for a cozy atmosphere.

The New Decade of Landscape Design

When it comes down to it, 2020 trends are pulling a lot from the last 20 years of trends in our outdoor spaces. It’s still about maintaining an environmental space while utilizing the maximum amount of space available. As climates change, new food trends and societies push to get outdoors continues to evolve in the 2020s, so too will landscape designs have to meet these trends with fresh ideas and concepts. DynaSCAPE’s landscape design software is built for landscapers and landscape design professionals and will be able to handle each of these trends.

Whether going vertical, wanting to add the appropriate lighting, and/or building edible gardens, it can all be perfectly planned and designed for your customers. Offer a full-color view of your designs or take it up a notch with a 3D rendering of your design to really bring the space to life. Customers want the full backyard feeling, so 3D rendering and full CAD color drawings are the trends in landscape design. Take advantage of DynaSCAPE’s Design, Color and Sketch 3D tools to complete these concepts for your customers and win more bids for landscape projects.

2018 Innovator of the Year Award Recipient

2018 Innovator of the Year Award Recipient

2018 Innovator of the Year Award Recipient

Recently at the Landscape Achievement Awards & Holiday Gala, the New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association presented DynaSCAPE Software with the 2018 Innovator Award for the Manage360 Mobile App & Software Solution. Gail Woolcott, Operations Director at NJLCA, said the award is presented to a member who has introduced to its customers a new piece of equipment, technology or product that has vastly improved the efficiency, speed or profitability of landscaping businesses.

Kade Kirkham, DynaSCAPE’s Sales Development Representative was on hand to accept such a prestigious award on our behalf.

We’re so thankful for the recognition of the NJLCA and proud to be their choice for the 2018 Innovator Award!

About the NJLCA

The New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association (NJLCA) is a proven resource to the landscape contractor, green industry service provider and supplier as well as the consumer.  We are a community of green industry professionals who are dedicated to advancing the integrity, proficiency and continued growth of the landscape industry. We do this through education, training and legislative advocacy.

When you join the NJLCA you will become part of a professional organization that supports and protects your rights as a small business owner. As a member you will receive valuable information and benefits that are indispensable to the ongoing success of your business and the landscape industry itself. With a full time staff, we are ready, willing and able to help you with all of your green industry needs.

New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association

DynaSCAPE Presented with Industry Award

DynaSCAPE Presented with Industry Award

August 16, 2018 — DynaSCAPE Software made the trek to beautiful St. Andrew’s By The Sea in New Brunswick, Canada. This ocean side resort town was host to the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association’s board of directors meeting and National Awards of Landscape Excellence.

The National Awards of Landscape Excellence recognize Canadian companies that have actively participated in significantly raising the level of professionalism in the landscape industry.

“The Green for Life Industry Award was created to recognize the incredible companies that contribute significantly to the industry, environment and local Canadian communities,” said Bruce Hunter, CNLA president. “The CNLA Executive Committee chose to honour DynaSCAPE because of its support not only of CNLA and its provincial associations, but to the broader communities that it is a part of.  They are leaders in their field, committed to raising the level of professionalism in landscaping.”  Joe Salemi, Manager of Sales & Marketing for DynaSCAPE accepted the award.

The DynaSCAPE team extends their gratitude to CNLA for such an honour to be recognized through the Green for Life Industry Award!

DynaSCAPE Acquired By EverCommerce

DynaSCAPE Acquired By EverCommerce

Dynascape acquired by Evercommerce

Dear Clients, Partners, and Industry Friends,

We are pleased to officially announce that DynaSCAPE Software is now part of the EverCommerce family of companies. Over the last 20 years, DynaSCAPE has built a reputation as the industry leader in landscape design and business management software, trusted by more than 3,000 users. We are excited with this new venture, as it stands to fuel our continued growth into the future.

Both Mike Bosch and Kirk Were, DynaSCAPE’s long-time owners, offer their thanks and appreciation to all of our clients, partners, and trusted employees for the many years of support and mutually beneficial relationships. Kirk offers “DynaSCAPE is first and foremost a company based on relationships and we are so happy that DynaSCAPE’s goal of providing great software and services will continue through this new relationship under the stewardship of EverCommerce and the DynaSCAPE team.”

The EverCommerce portfolio includes 19 companies, including 14 in the field and home service sectors, which provide software and services for small to medium-sized businesses. EverCommerce currently helps 70,000 businesses across the globe run and operate more efficiently. We look forward to leveraging the organization’s existing relationships and resources to provide you, our clients and partners, with even more robust features and services.

“We’re excited about the growth and strategic opportunities ahead of us with our new EverCommerce partners,” says Joe Salemi, Manager of Sales & Marketing. “We have established our place amongst the top in landscape design and business management software solutions, and there’s even more we will do with EverCommerce as we plan for our future.”

The leadership team at DynaSCAPE is very excited to be part of the EverCommerce family of companies and will continue to work with the rest of the team to deliver the excellent level of service and delivery that you have come to know and expect.

“We are thrilled to bring DynaSCAPE into the EverCommerce family and support its continued growth,” said Matt Feierstein, President and COO of EverCommerce. “DynaSCAPE’s solutions have been a major contributor to the success of landscaping companies across North America, and are an ideal addition to EverCommerce’s portfolio of home service solutions. We’re excited to work with the DynaSCAPE team during this next phase of their business to continue bringing new features and great service to their clients.”

We pledge our continued commitment to enabling your success and look forward to providing even more benefits as we embark on this new journey together.

Thank you for your continued trust and support.

Sincerely and with warmest regards,

The DynaSCAPE Software Team

About EverCommerce

EverCommerce is bringing together best-of-breed commerce solutions in the service sector, forming one service commerce platform that improves go-to-market strategy for technology companies and simplifies the software-buying process for business owners.
Our team has extensive expertise in business operations, management, legal, finance, accounting, technology human resources, marketing and sales that, via the EverCommerce platform, we provide as a service to drive continued growth and success for growing service commerce companies. Our ecosystem enables companies to thrive in an environment of shared knowledge and resources with significant cost savings.
Frustrated With Your Systems

Frustrated With Your Systems

Frustrated Landscape Contractor
May 2017 — The landscape season is in full boom mode all over North America. You’ve planned for this. You spent the latter part of last year and the early part of this year getting ready for it. What you have planned for is here upon you and your team, working the plan and striving to achieve the goals you put in place.

We’ve been fielding lots of phone calls and emails from landscape professionals like you that are in full operation of their season but have found quickly that there are some significant pain points with the design and business systems that they have in place. Some of the common pains we have heard about are:

  • Leads are falling through the cracks
  • It takes too long to do take offs from the design so the estimator can do their work
  • Working from a generic estimating system that their shoe-horning for landscape construction jobs and maintenance services
  • Estimating based on a gut feeling or experience
  • Not any real systems in place
  • Many software applications in place that don’t speak to each other contributing to disjointed operations
  • No mechanism in place to track actual costs of doing the job

This is really where DynaSCAPE comes in. We have been helping these landscape professionals by expediting the setup of their systems, getting them enrolled in our training sessions, and outfitting them the software solutions that are right for them. Alleviating frustrations in the way you manage your back office everyday is a core strength of our implementation and training specialists. It’s at the foundational level that our software solutions are based on.

Our team here at DynaSCAPE is ready to assist you in working through some of the most difficult time of the year to help you run a efficient, effective, and profitable operation.

If any of this sounds remotely familiar, let us know. The DynaSCAPE team is ready to help!

Get in touch with the DynaSCAPE Team!

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