Teach DynaSCAPE at your school!

DynaSCAPE is the software solution of choice for the landscape design/build industry. Having DynaSCAPE skills will make your students instantly employable!

Does your school offer a Landscape Design or Horticulture program? If so, consider using DynaSCAPE to introduce computer-based design concepts and skills in your courses. By training your students on the industry’s leading CAD-based landscape design software, you’ll be giving them the competitive edge that they’ll need once they’ve graduated from your program.

Complete Curriculum, Webinars, Training, and Competitive Pricing

When you add DynaSCAPE to your school’s curriculum, you’re joining a network of over 100 colleges and universities across North America. Take advantage of our education resources and learn more about teaching CAD with our industry-leading landscape design software.

Benefits of using DynaSCAPE Landscape Design Software in Schools:

  • Access to our full curriculum and other resources on our Educator Resource File download pages
  • Elevating the presence of your school in the local landscape industry
  • Equipping your students with real-world skills in the industry’s leading software when they graduate and enter the marketplace
  • Increased student placement
  • Fits your budget
  • Fits your students’ budgets

DynaSCAPE Student Edition

Affordable Student Version Available

When you teach DynaSCAPE in your school the students who are enrolled in those classes can purchase a Student Version of DS|Design for $125. The Student Version has all the functionality of the full, professional version, but it will expire after 12 months (from the date it is installed).

Get DynaSCAPE in your school now!

Contact the DynaSCAPE Sales Team to get access to DynaSCAPE for your school. We can be reached by phone: 1.800.710.1900 x2 or by email: sales@dynascape.com.


All educators can download our complimentary Educator’s Resource Files to help you set up and teach your course, which includes:

  • Powerpoint Lecture Presentations
  • Detailed Examples of Projects including Project Overviews, Objectives, Sample Drawings, and Demonstration Handouts
  •  Sample Course Curriculum
  • Sample Course Outlines
  • Student Projects
  • Sample Drawings

Discussion Forum for Educators Only

This discussion forum is a place for those who teach or wish to teach DynaSCAPE, where you can ask questions from the experts and share ideas with fellow educators.

Note: This not a public forum. To access this forum you will need to log in using your DynaSCAPE Account email and password.

Coming soon!

Webinars for Educators

These are regularly held free webinars that are centered on teaching DynaSCAPE in the classroom. Each 1-2 hour webinar will be unique, consisting of a training session, Q&A and an open forum for sharing ideas. They’ll be recorded if you miss one and want to view it later.

Note: These webinars are for educators only. To register for a specific webinar, just call or email with your name, school name and email address.

Coming soon!

Training Classes

Whether you’re new to teaching DynaSCAPE or experienced, there are classes for every level of experience. Knowing how to use the software properly will ensure your students are learning it properly as well.

Sessions will last 3 hours for each of the 2 day courses.
Please contact DynaSCAPE to enroll. 1.800.710.1900 x2

“The DynaSCAPE Educator Resource CD is a huge benefit to educators. The presentations are easy for students to understand, the projects are comprehensive, and the overall product will save educators a great deal of time in preparation.” Julie Weisenhorn, Extension Educator – Design, Dept. of Horticultural Science – Landscape Program, University of Minnesota


“DynaSCAPE is above and beyond its competitors. The plan view designs look so professional and when the rendering program is released, I think you’ll have people who have scoffed at designing on the computer turning their heads. It looks amazing!! I can’t wait!!” Carolyn Robinson, Auburn University, Alabama

Get DynaSCAPE in your school now!

Contact the DynaSCAPE Sales Team to get access to DynaSCAPE for your school. We can be reached by phone: 1.800.710.1900 x2 or by email: sales@dynascape.com.

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