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Interested in expanding your plant selection capabilities?

Imagine having pictures and detailed horticultural information on thousands of plant species that you can search, view, customize and print.

As a DynaSCAPE Design user, you know Horticopia as the source of the built-in online plant database that you access every time you add plants and labels to your Design drawings. DynaSCAPE Design’s online plant library is powered by Horticopia.

If you want even more detailed plant information and additional photographs for your designs, consider adding Horticopia Professional to your software toolkit. It’s the next step up: a complete program, designed by the same company, that contains pictures and data for thousands of plant species that you can search, view, customize and print.

Search & find plants easily
Find, organize, and manage plant information and lists. Save time and view plant pictures in groups as if you were paging through a catalogue. Find plants by botanical, common, or family name, just by typing in the first few letters. Search for plants using dozens of site criteria and plant characteristics (e.g., by exposure, shape, size, soil type, moisture, pollution tolerance, fall color) to quickly narrow down the number of plant choices.

SpireaView thousands of plant pictures
See all available pictures for each plant, at a glance. View plant pictures and information for a single plant or a group of plants. Expand your plant repertoire with additional Horticopia Libraries, Portfolios, Internet Libraries (HILs), and software add-ons. View plant photographs as slideshows or thumbnails.

Get detailed plant information
Each plant has information from basic nomenclature to leaf color and much more. Obtain detailed cultural information, and details about pests and diseases, for each species.

Customize your plant collection

  • Add your own plants and photographs to the collection.
  • Create and organize your own lists of plants.
  • Customize your presentations for a distinct look by adding your company information to headers and footers on printouts such as the Plant List.
  • Create, retrieve, and save plant lists to access plants most frequently used, customer lists, sales and order lists, and much more.
  • Use the Favorites menu to add lists, pictures, plants, and custom printouts.

Print in a variety of formats
Print photographs, picture sheets, data sheets, lists and custom layouts with ease.

Horticopia Professional is a companion product in the DynaSCAPE suite of design solutions.
A special Horticopia Professional Bundle, which includes the Woody Plus and Herbaceous Plus libraries, is available to DynaSCAPE subscribers for US$715.50 (a saving of 10% off the regular price of $795 for non-subscribers).

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Features & Benefits


DynaSCAPE Online Plant Database
(powered by Horticopia)


Basic Cultural Information
Detailed Cultural Information
Pests & Diseases
Customizable – add plants and photos
(with Authoring Mode)
Search Filter Capabilities (By Soil type, Moisture, Pollution tolerance, Fall color, etc.)
Favourites List
Slide Show Feature
* The Horticopia Professional Bundle includes the Woody Plus and Herbaceous Plus libraries.
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Visit our online store or contact the DynaSCAPE sales team to purchase Horticopia Pro! We can be reached by phone: 1.800.710.1900 x2 or by email:

DynaSCAPE is a reseller of Horticopia Pro. You purchase from DynaSCAPE and Horticopia will ship you the product!

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