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Issue: Save as Adobe PDF not working, cannot print to PDF, cannot print to CutePDF

Description: ARM processors are currently not fully supported for DynaScape Design. Windows 11 ARM is reported to have limited printing/PDF capabilities affecting Windows PDF writers, including those for Design. This includes the new M1 chip that newer Mac Books are being sold with.

If you do need to run Design on an ARM processor, the program will run but the print to PDF functionality, and possibly the print directly to printer, will not work.

Workarounds: As we continue to monitor this issue, the following information may be helpful.

A temporary solution is to use Acrobat DC as the PDF writer using the 30 day trial but you may have to purchase it after it expires. Please visit the following link for more details regarding Adobe DC and ARM processors Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader DC ARM processor support on Windows

For ARM based MacBooks running Parallels – Windows 10, 32 Bit is the recommended Windows environment. If you are able to, please contact Apple Care or your IT professional to guide you through this option.