Can only see the Home Tab when I log into DS|Manage360

You will only see the home screen in DS|Manage360 if you have logged in and added a blank space at the end of your username, there are 2 ways you can correct this:

  1. Go to the login page, in the Username field go to the last character and press the Del or Backspace key to remove the blank space, now enter password and click Login
  2. Remove the saved username/password combination then enter the username without a blank space (spacebar pressed after enter your last character) then enter the password again.  Here’s an excerpt from Google’s Support site on how to remove the login for your site:
    • Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar
    • Select Settings
    • Click Show advanced settings
    • Click Manage saved passwords
    • In the Passwords dialog that appears, scroll down to the “Never saved” section at the bottom
    • To remove a site from this list, select it and click the that appears the end of the row
    • Now revisit the website then enter your username without pressing the spacebar after the last character and password
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