Cannot create a Plant Picture Catalogue

A recent Windows 10 update caused PDF issues that affected the Plant Picture Catalogue in DS|Design.

Resolutions and detailed instructions below.


  • Plant Picture Catalogue cannot be exported from DS|Design.
  • It completes all of the steps and then fails after the final save location and name is selected.
  • DS|Design hangs, becomes non-responsive
  • No error message appears


  • Microsoft Windows 10 update KB4557957 or KB4560960


Detailed instructions for these options can be found below:

  1.  Recommended
    • Update Windows. Microsoft’s July 14th Windows update has resolved this issue. Please try updating Windows before uninstalling Windows Updates.
  2. Workaround
    • Update DS|Design.
    • v6.6.1 has been released which improves compatibility with affected Windows Updates.
    • For users that need a quick fix or who are not able to update their Windows OS to a current build.
  3. Last Resort
    • Uninstall the affected Windows Update.
    • This original resolution still works but Windows 10 updates can only be paused for a limited time.
    • For security reasons, the preferred resolution is to update Windows.

Recommended #

Update Windows 10.

Even if you have automatic updates turned on you may have to navigate to the Windows Updates page and click “Check for Updates”

Workaround #

Update DS|Design to v6.6.1.

You can find instructions for updating DS|Design here: How do I check for updates?

Once you have updated DS|Design, try creating the Plant Picture Catalogue. If that fails, restart DS|Design, begin creating a new Plant Picture Catalogue, File > Export > Plant Picture Catalogue > Next > uncheck the Resize Images Images option. With this option unchecked, you may have to manually resize your plant images to avoid out of memory errors.

Last Resort #

Note: For security reasons, the preferred resolution is to update Windows.

Microsoft has confirmed that a recent Windows 10 update released June 9th is causing “print spooler issues … which might also affect software-based printers, for example printing to PDF.”

This affects the DynaScape PDF Writer.


  • Uninstall the Windows update until Microsoft releases a fix.

Steps (Screenshots below)

  • Settings > Updates > View Update History > Uninstall Updates
  • Search for KB4557957 or KB4560960 and remove whichever is present (which you have installed will depend on what build of Windows 10 you have)

Uninstall an Update


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