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Issue: When I open Design I get a Configuration system failed to initialize message that pops up that I click OK on and Design opens but I am unable to label my drawing

DynaScape Design Error Opening


Description:  A window appears in front of the Design loading screen stating the “Configuration system failed to initialize”.

Solution:  Review the following to resolve the “Configuration system failed to initialize” error message.  DS|Design uses a hidden configuration file that has probably been corrupted and deleting it should fix the problem, please follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Close DS|Design (if it is open)
  • Enable the option to show hidden files (if you already see hidden files, skip and go to the next step)
    • In Windows 10:
      • Right-click on the Windows Logo button
      • Choose Control Panel
      • Choose Appearance and Personalization
      • Choose Show hidden files and folders under File Explorer Options
      • Click OK

Show Hidden Files

  • Delete the DynaScape_Software directory in the following area:
    • In Windows XP & 2000 browse to: C:\Documents and Settings\Windows Username\Local Settings\Application Data (where Windows Username is your Windows account name)
    • In Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 browse to: C:\Users\Windows username\AppData\Local\