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Creating a Custom Library Figure – Simplified

Detailed instructions for creating custom library figures can be found in the Online Manual – accessible from the Help menu in Design – including information about advanced scenarios like making figures that can be clustered, colored, and managing libraries but, creating some simple figures is a good place to get started. 

To create a simple custom figure:

  1. In the Advanced Tools, click on the second tool “Create a new library for figures”. Enter a name for the figure library, less than 8 characters and no spaces, and click Open.
  2. In the Advanced Tools, click on the first tool: “Create a new library figure”.
    • Click on Select library… and select the library you just created, then click Open.
    • Enter a name for the figure , less than 8 characters and no spaces, and then hit Enter.
  3. Select the items that will be part of your figure. Right-click to confirm.
  4. The cursor will change to an infinite crosshair. Click to set the insertion point, the center of the figure is a good spot for this. Right-click to confirm. The CLI at the bottom of the window will show a confirmation message “Figure ‘NEW1’ added to library ‘NEWFIGS.LIB’”
  5. Open the Tools menu and select Library Manager, click Add… and select the new library you created in step 1.  Click Open.
  6. Restart Design to see your new figure in the Figures tab library.

Remember to back up your custom library to avoid any accidental loss. Make a copy of your (My)Documents\DynaSCAPEDS\symbols folder, and save it to a safe place.