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Design crashes upon importing an AutoCAD file

Issue: DynaScape Landscape Design Software has stopped working message upon importing an AutoCAD file and the program shuts down

Close Program

Description:  A Windows dialog opens stating that DynaScape Landscape Design & Drafting has stopped working.
1st screen: “Windows is checking for a solution to the problem…”
2nd screen: “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available”

Solution: Review the following scenarios which could exist in the AutoCAD drawing that may cause an error while importing an AutoCAD file and cause Dynascape Design to shut down as a result:

  • Has external references – ask the sender to remove them
  • Contains too many solid fills – ask the sender to remove the solid fills
  • Contains large rasters – ask the sender to remove the rasters
  • Is corrupted – ask the sender to run an audit on the drawing to fix it
  • Is not a legitimate AutoCAD® drawing file (no workaround other than to get a legitimate AutoCAD program)
  • Is too old or too new (older than R14 and newer than version 2016)
  • Is a 3‐dimensional drawing (need to create a regular AutoCAD file)

If your drawing will not import, contact the person who sent it to you, ask about the issues listed above, and request that they save it as a 2016 DWG or DXF format. As a backup option also ask for 2007 DXF format.

If you are unable to get your source to do this for you, then you can try to convert it on your own using AutoDesk DWG TrueView. You can download and install DWG TrueView from:  This application will allow you to open, view and convert AutoCAD drawings. Please note this is an application provided by Autodesk and not supported by DynaScape.

Once you have the DWG TrueView application, you can convert the file to the latest AutoCAD format available in the application, modify the options to check and fix errors, and purge the drawing; here are some basic steps to accomplish this:

  • Click on DWG Convert
  • In the File Tree tab– click Add file button on the bottom then select the AutoCAD file(s) you downloaded and need to convert
  • Choose the “Convert to 2010 (in-place)” option on the right
    • Please do this one-time settings change for this convert option:
      • Click Conversion Setups
      • Click Modify
      • Place a checkmark beside “Check and Fix Errors” & “Purge drawings”
      • Click OK then Close
      • Click on Convert
This makes the changes directly to the file so you will not need to save it. Simply try importing the AutoCAD file into DS|Design.  Once the file is imported, you can go through the detailed instructions with screen captures in the Design User Manual, section entitled Importing an AutoCAD® Drawing into DynaScape on page 17.2-17.9.
If you do not have a current copy of the Design User Manual you can download it in PDF format by opening DS|Design, going to the ‘pull-down’ menus Help > Online User Manual; for reference, the DynaScape product manual URL is here: