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Critical Concepts #

Drawing Setup
Opening a New Drawing
Sheet Size & Scale Settings
Understanding Layers
Tool Tips
Important Rules
Mouse Conventions
File Management
The Toggle Bar
Modifiers & Calculators
Drawing Navigation
Zoom Tools
Panning Tools
Basic Modes Overview

CAD Basics – Part 1 #

Drawing Lines
Drawing Lines
Using Constraints
Inference (Object Snap)
Entity Grips
Smooth (Curved) Polylines
Start Angle for Curved Polylines
Using Grips for Editing
Closed Polylines
Coordinate Tracking Panel
Squares, Circles & Arcs
Squares & Rectangles
Basic Arcs
Text Tools
Inserting Text
Inserting Leadered Text
Editing Text & Leadered Text
Editing Tools
Deleting (Erasing) Objects
Moving & Copying
Offsetting Lines
Rotating Objects
Exploding Objects
Trim Tools
Nested (Hidden) Tools
Trim (Clip) to an Intersection
Trim or Extend Lines
Trim or Extend Lines to a Corner
Trim or Extend to an Intersection

CAD Basics – Part 2 #

Library Figures
About Figures
Organizing Figures
Inserting Figures
Scaling (Resizing) Figures
Rotating Figures
Layer Overrides
Clustering (Grouping) Figures
Selecting Objects (Data Selection)
Drawing Hedges (Offsetting Figures)
Patterns and Soldier Courses
Pattern (Hatch) Basics
Creating a Temp Boundary
Blue Dot Hatch Tool
Hatching Around Objects
Adding a Soldier Course
Base Plan from Scratch
The Building Outline Tool
Window & Door Settings
Using Triangulation
Tracing a Lot Plan
About Image Files (Rasters)
Inserting the Raster
Scaling the Raster
Tracing the Raster
Removing the Raster
Measuring Tools
Area Measuring Tools
Length Measuring Tools
Cumulative Area Tool
Cumulative Length Tool
Title Blocks
Automated Title Blocks
Title Block Figures
Title Block Editor
Shortcuts and Other Tips
Shortcuts and Tips
Constraints Shortcut
Inference Shortcut
The Escape Key
Delete Key to Undo
Auto-Save Settings
Cut Copy and Paste
Selection Windows for Speed
Drawing Settings
Ends and Fill Settings

The Plant List & Images #

Finding Plants
Using Favorites (Hotlist)
Labeling from
Advanced Filters
Labeling Plants
Labeling Plants
Normal Text (with Leaders)
Text (No Leader)
Keyed Labels (with Leaders)
Keyed Labels (Text Only)
Adding a Plant Schedule
Label Settings
Plant List Editor
The Plant List Editor
Setup Options
Download from Online
Add Plants Manually
Download by Zone
Import a List
Matching Plants
Adding Sizes
Adding Images
About Adding Images
Add Image by Searching
Find Images by Label
Using Custom Images
Moving Images
Removing Images
Matching Custom Images—R_1LA
Matching My Plants
Single Matching
Bulk Matching
Custom Images
Design Labels
The Design Label Panel
Design Label Editor
Measuring and inserting
Labeling Styles

Printing, Material Lists and Picture Catalogue #

Lists and Picture Catalogue Output Options
Print Process
Saving as a JPEG or PDF
JPEG and PDF Uses
Save as JPEG
Save as Adobe PDF
Material List
Export a Material List
Picture Catalogue
Creating a Picture Catalogue

Other Types of Drawings #

Dimension Plan
Dimension Plans
Lighting Plan
Lighting Plans
Lighting Mode
Wiring Mode
Voltage Calculator