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How do I insert a PDF or JPG into DS|Design?

DynaScape Design provides tools to let you insert PDF’s or JPG’s of surveys, plant images, hardscape images or company logos into your drawing from files stored on your computer. To get started, click the Insert a Raster Image tool icon on the Imaging tab. DS|Design will open a dialog box asking for an image file to be inserted.

Note: DS|Design supports PDF files as well the following popular image file types:

• JPG NOT JPEG (recommended!)
• Bitmap
• TIF (not recommended ‐ only small files work)
• GIF (not recommended)

Before inserting an image or PDF, make sure your constraints are set None. To insert the image, click where you would like the top‐left corner of the image to be, move your mouse diagonally and then click to determine the bottom‐right corner. The image will appear on your screen within the boundary you set. If your boundary does not match the aspect ratio of the image it will fit it as best it can without changing aspect ratio.

Detailed instructions with screen captures can be found in the Design User Manual, section entitled Inserting a PDF or Raster Image from a File.  

If you do not have a current copy of the Design User Manual you can download it in PDF format by opening DS|Design, going to the ‘pull-down’ menus Help > Online User Manual, for reference the DynaScape product manual URL is:

Alternatively, you could view the “Tracing a Lot Plan” training video; to access the video, log into the My Account page then go to Downloads>Design Training Videos.
Please note: The video states we cannot import PDF’s but since the video was created Design does allow inserting PDF’s