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How to fix the Save as>Adobe PDF in DS|Design after updating to Windows 10

If you find that after updating to Windows 10 that you are unable to save as PDF, you can fix it by first ensuring the software is up to date by checking for DS|Design updates:

  • Click the Windows Logo in bottom left corner
  • Click All Apps
  • Scroll down and click on DynaScape
  • Click on Check for DynaScape Design Updates and follow the prompts

If an update was available and installed, you can now try to create a PDF by going to File>Save as>Adobe PDF, if the PDF is still not created or doesn’t work, please follow the Reset PDF Writer instructions below./div>

If there were no updates, then you will need to reset/reinstall the DynaScape PDF Writer following the below instructions:

Reset PDF Writer

  • In Windows 10:
    • Right-click the Windows Logo button
      • Choose Control Panel>View Devices & Printers
      • Right-click on DynaScape PDF writer
      • Choose Remove Device, if there is no printer go to the next step.
    • Right-click the Windows Logo Button
      • Choose File Explorer
      • Click This PC on the Left
      • Then Browse to C:\Program Files(x86)\DynaScape\Design\PDF Maintenance\
      • Double-click to run the exe (this will restore the PDF writer)
    • Now try to create a PDF by going to File>Save as>Adobe PDF