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Issues:  If you see or experience any of the below issues, please follow the below Solution:

  • Cannot open Design, Design immediately shuts down or you get Dynascape Landscape and Drafting has stopped working
  • Command Prompt is giving incorrect steps when using a tool or Tools are not working properly
  • Figures are v5 but you are on current version, figures like in v6, ie FR-FIREPLACES, FR-KITCHEN
  • EPG Runtime error

Solution:  In order to correct the above issues with DS|Design, you will first need to ensure you are up to date, then rename the DynaScapeDS folder so the files needed for the program to run correctly are restored to the default settings.

  1. Ensure your Design software is up to date, by checking for updates:
    • In Windows 10
      • Click Windows Logo in bottom left corner
      • All Apps
      • Scroll down and click on DynaScape
      • Click on Check for DynaScape Design Updates and follow the prompts
    • In Windows 8.1
      • Click Windows logo in bottom left corner
      • Scroll down and click on arrow in bottom left
      • Scroll over to DynaScape
      • Click on Check for DynaScape Design Updates and follow the prompts
    • In Windows XP & 7:
      • Check for updates by going to Start > (All) Programs > DynaScape > Design > Check for DynaScape Design Update
  2. Reset the DynaScapeDS folder by doing the following:
    • Close DS|Design
    • Browse to (My) Document
    • Look for DynaScapeDS
    • Right-click on the folder and choose rename
    • Add -old to the folder name
    • Open DS|Design
      • You will see a screen that says “Creating Dynascape user profile. Please Wait…”
If you have DS|Design customizations (Templates, Symbols, etc) or inserted Online Plant database images on your drawings, you will need to restore them from the –old folder into the new DynaScapeDS folder.