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Jobsites is a Manage360 feature that allows you to assign multiple properties to a single account. This is intended for work contracted with property management companies, Homeowner Associations, customers with multiple residences, or projects for an entity such as a city. You can use Jobsites to create maintenance contracts that service more than one property, or store construction contracts at multiple properties under a single account. To make use of Jobsites, add more than one jobsite to an account, and then the jobsites will be available when building estimates or work orders.  

For simple residential accounts that do not have multiple jobsites, the only times you will interact with a jobsite will be when adding/updating property notes, or if the customer moves.  

Creating Jobsites  

 A single jobsite will automatically be created when you create an account. The address you enter under the details tab of the account will be used as the initial jobsite address. This address under the details tab is referred to as the Primary Account Address. If the primary account address is not a property that you will service in any way (and therefore not a jobsite), it may be used to refer to the address of a commercial company. Any account you have in Manage360 will already have a jobsite using the primary account address. 

 Keep in mind that the primary account address is only used to create the first jobsite, and after the account is created, editing the primary account address will not update the address of any jobsites on the account. Likewise, updating the address of any jobsite will not change the primary account address. This means that if a residential customer moves, you must update both the primary account address as well as the jobsite address.  

 Jobsites can be managed from the Jobsites tab of the account (formerly the Property tab). This is where you will go if you would like to add new jobsites or edit ones.  

 To create a new jobsite, select the green + Add Jobsite button from the top right corner of the jobsites tab. A blank jobsite called “New Jobsite” will be added to the list of jobsites. You must at least enter a Jobsite Name in order to save the jobsite. Upon entering the detail of the jobsite, hit the save button (either the main save button at the top of the page, or the save button located in the expanded view of the jobsite) to complete the completion process.  

 To edit an existing jobsite, click on the jobsite name to expand it. Change any details, and then hit the save button. 

Active Checkbox 

Each jobsite can be marked as Active or Inactive by leaving the Active box checked or unchecked. Active jobsites will be available for use on any estimates or jobs you create for this account.  

If you have ever used a jobsite on an estimate/job/work order, then the jobsite cannot be deleted. When trying to delete a jobsite that is in use, the delete button will be inaccessible. In this case, if you wish to hide the jobsite so that it does not show up when planning future work, you can mark the jobsite as inactive.  If an estimate/job/work order contains an inactive jobsite (because you created the entity before marking the jobsite as inactive), the jobsite will display (inactive) next to the jobsite name. Otherwise, inactive jobsites will not appear. You can use the orange Filter button at the top left of the jobsites tab to filter by Active/Inactive Status.  

Default Checkbox 

Each account must contain at least one default jobsite. The default jobsite will be the one automatically selected when creating new work under the account. To change the default jobsite, click on the default checkbox next to another jobsite and save.  

 Jobsite Info   #

  •  Name: Enter a name which will allow you to easily identify the jobsite 
  • Address: Lines for Street Address, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code 
  • GPS: The latitude and longitude of the jobsite. The first time you perform a clock in to this jobsite (using the mobile app), the GPS coordinates will automatically be pulled from Google. You can use the Override button to enter a custom latitude and longitude if you wish to change where the jobsite will show up on a map.  
  • Region:  Regions are a custom category that allows you to specify a group for the jobsite to belong to – regions are usually based of geographic location (e.g. by county, or creating custom “Zone 1”, “Zone 2” regions). Create and manage your regions from Settings > Regions. 
  • Community: Text field that works as a quick note for the Jobsite. Usually indicates if the account is part of an HOA by writing down the HOA name.  

 Property Info  #

The options under here are optional fields which you can use to Record things like Lawn Area, Bed Area, Snow Clearing Area, etc. These notes will appear on maintenance estimates and jobs that you create under this account, so they can be referenced when estimating, costing, or scheduling.  

There are several predefined property detail fields for you to use, but if you would like to enter any custom data, you can make use of the Notes field, which works as a text box into which you may type whatever you like.  

Using Jobsites 

Maintenance Estimates  #

Jobsites in maintenance are defined at the service level. When adding a service to a maintenance estimate, you can select the jobsite using a dropdown list that appears right below the service Display Name. You can change the jobsite of a service after adding it to the estimate by clicking on the edit button that appears next to the service name when you hover over it with your mouse cursor, or by expanding the service and selecting a new jobsite from the dropdown list in the bottom left corner. Note that if your account does not have more than one jobsite, then this drop down list will not appear.  

If your estimate contains more than one jobsite, then the jobsite name will automatically be appended to the name of each service. If the estimate contains only a single jobsite, the name will not appear.  

If your estimate contains more than one jobsite, then the property info of that jobsite will appear in the expanded view of your services. This allows you to quickly review variables like plot size and snow clearing area and use them to adjust the quantities of kits and items contained within the service. You can also change the jobsite of a service by selecting a new jobsite from the drop down list and saving. Note that this section does not appear if your estimate contains only a single jobsite.  

You can find a summary of all jobsites contained on that estimate on the details tab. Clicking on the name of a jobsite will expand it and display the address and property notes of that jobsite.  

Jobsites can also be displayed on the maintenance proposal. To show jobsites on the proposal, ensure that the option “Show Jobsites” is checked on in the proposal template. You can find the option to show jobsites under the Details > Services section of the proposal template.  

Maintenance Jobs  #

The jobsites you assign to services will carry forward from the maintenance estimate to the maintenance job.  

On the contracts tab of the job, jobsite names will display next to each service if the job contains more than one jobsite. Expanding a service will display the property info of the jobsite, just like on the estimate.  

There is an option in the actions menu for jobsites called Change Jobsite. In case you mistakenly assign a service to an incorrect jobsite, you can switch it to another jobsite using this button.  

If the job contains more than one jobsite, then a Jobsites column will appear on the visits tab in between the Service and Status/Sub Status columns.  

Adding a T&M Extra Visit to a maintenance job works just like creating a Non-Contract Work Order – you will be able to change the Jobsite from a dropdown list on the details tab of the work order.  

Work Orders  #

When creating a new Work Order, you are able to select the jobsite that the work order belongs to using a dropdown list on the detail tab. See the above screenshot for the location of the jobsite dropdown list.  

Construction Estimates & Jobs  #

Using jobsites in construction is very simple. On the details tab of a construction estimate, there is a dropdown list from which you can select the jobsite that the estimate is meant for. 

It works the same way on the construction job. You can change the jobsite from a dropdown list located on the top right quadrant of the screen, in the job info section, right under the account info. Note that you can only change the jobsite while the job is brand new – once the job is attached to a timesheet, the jobsites dropdown will become locked.  

Where Jobsites Are Used 

The jobsite address will be referenced instead of the primary account address in any instance that is referring to an estimate, job, or work order. For example, when adding maintenance services (from a job) to a route, the jobsite address is displayed instead of the primary account address. 

When looking at a Job/Visit/Work Order on a timesheet (on the web or on the mobile app), the jobsite address of that entity will be displayed instead of the account primary address.  

Jobsite addresses will also be displayed for items on the calendar (Production > Scheduling).  

On the Production > Work Orders menu, a new column called Jobsite has been added. The Account column will display the primary account address, but the Jobsite column will show the jobsite name and address for that work order.