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It is now possible to send Plant information from Construction Jobs directly to LandscapeHub to make the procurement process a much smoother process. This functionality can be enabled from within the Manage360 Settings area. Once the Plants are sent to LandscapeHub, a HubSheet will be created directly on the LandscapeHub site where suppliers and prices can be seen and the items can be ordered.

Setup #

On the Settings page in the My Company Settings – Configuration section, there is a LandscapeHub option at the bottom of the page. There are 3 settings available for the ‘LandscapeHub mode‘:

  • Integration: The LandscapeHub tab will be enabled in Construction Jobs. This is what will be covered on the remainder of this page.
  • None (default): No changes to the current processes
  • Email: A ‘Send to LandsacapeHub’ action will be available on Construction Estimates and Jobs. This will send an email directly to LandscapeHub with the items from the Estimate/Job. This will start a manual process on the LandscapeHub side to initiate the product fulfillment.

Sending to LandscapeHub #

If the LandscapeHub integration is enabled, then a new LandscapeHub tab will be visible on Construction Jobs. Within this tab there will be a ‘Send Job to LandscapeHub’ option that can be used. Additionally, there will be list of all of the previous HubSheets that have been created for the Job.

Clicking on the ‘Send Job to LandscapeHub’ button will be met with a confirmation window initially. Clicking on OK will continue the process.

Requirements for Sending #

In order to be able to send information to LandscapeHub there are some requirements for the Manage360 user.

  1. The user account needs to be able to access Construction Jobs
  2. An email address on their employee record
  3. Valid 10 digit phone number

There will also be a message indicating what is missing (if anything).

Once this information has been validated the information will be sent to LandscapeHub.

Accessing LandscapeHub for the First Time #

If the Manage360 user is accessing LandscapeHub for the first time, they will be walked through a registration process directly on LandscapeHub. This is a one-time process for the user and on subsequent actions, the account will be remembered.


The user will also receive an email with the LandscapeHub temporary password which can be changed at any time. Once the registration is complete, the ordering process can begin.

HubSheet information #

When the plant information has been sent for the specific job, a HubSheet will be created on LandscapeHub. The information displayed on the HubSheet can also be viewed again at a later date by using the links from the LandscapeHub tab of the job.

The HubSheet is where the plants can be matched and the added to the cart for ordering if desired.

Additionally, the following information can be edited to help the ordering process.

  1. Job information is being passed through to LandscapeHub (Zip Code). The Radius can be adjusted to only allow for Suppliers within a specified area.
  2. Both the Plants and their Sizes can be matched here. The initial matching is all automatic and can be adjusted in necessary.
  3. Specific Suppliers can then be chosen – based on the chosen radius. Once a Supplier has been selected, the Supplier price and available quantity will be displayed.

After selecting the supplier, some or all of the plants can be added to the Cart for ordering by using the check-boxes on the left side of each row.

Once the items have been ordered, LandscapeHub will handle the procurement and delivery of the items.

Accessing HubSheets #

To access any HubSheets that a specific Manage360 user has created, use the links in the LandscapeHub tab of the Job. They will show all of the HubSheets that have been submitted as well as when and who had submitted them.

Accessing HubSheets this way will re-open the previously created HubSheets.