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My Plant List will not open

Your plant list may not open if your “My Plant List.dpl” file was moved or deleted from (My)Documents.  If you deleted files from your (My)Documents area please check your computer’s Recycle Bin, if you find the file, restore the My Plant List.dpl file.  If you do not find your “My Plant List.dpl” in your computer’s Recycle Bin search your Local Disk (C:) drive using the Search feature on your computer and look for .dpl files in all folders and include hidden folders.  If do regular backups of your files then you might be able to find it in your backup location.

Once you locate the plant list, please follow these directions:

  1. Close DS|Design
  2. Copy and Paste the My plant List.dpl into the default Location  of C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\(My) Documents
    • If asked if you would like to overwrite the file, you will need to determine which one has more data by the file size
  3. In Windows XP, Vista and 7, go to Start Menu>All Programs>Dynascape>Design>Plant List Editor (You may get errors) close the errors leave the editor open
    In Windows 8.1 and 10 go to the click on the Windows Logo button and start typing Plant List Editor, click on the name to open the program
  4. Click on Open List
    • Navigate to where you saved the file on your computer and select it – (My)Documents
  5. When the plant list opens, click Save and Close
  6. Open DS|Design
  7. Open the Softscape labeling panel, you should now have access to your plant list
If you are not able to locate your plant list, you will need to create a new Plant List, for instructions, click here.