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Plant Picture Catalogue – Tips and Tricks

Beta: v6.6.1
If you cannot create a Plant Picture Catalogue because the Design becomes non-responsive or you see the following error message, the issue is likely related to images size. A few very large images, or many moderately sized images, or a combination of both, can prevent the successful creation of the file.
Error Message: There are some large custom pictures selected. Try checking the option to ‘Resize Large Images’ when attempting to create this Plant Picture Catalogue again.
Resolution: Please try the following – You may have to try a combination of these options to successfully create the PPC:
1) Check the option to ‘Resize Large Images’

This option will attempt to automatically resize images on the creation of the Plant Picture Catalogue.

Resize Images

Note: Automatic resizing is not compatible with some recent Windows updates so if you continue to have issues you will want to use smaller images and leave this option unchecked. For more information about which Windows updates see: Cannot create a Plant Picture Catalogue
2) Manually resize pictures
Use your favourite image editing software to create smaller versions of the images.
Most often the original image is much larger than necessary to create a quality image in the size needed for the images in the Plant Picture Catalogue.
3) Select smaller images
If you have smaller versions of the pictures, make sure the smaller images are the ones that you’ve selected when creating the Plant Picture Catalogue.