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Scenarios for how Manage360 can be used for Snow Removal where depth of snow are separate service.

Create Services

  • Create separate services for each depth of snow and list them all on a single job.
  • If billing will be per snow event: Use as needed services billed per visit on a contract; one service for each inch increment.
  • This does mean that a separate route per service will be needed when deploying snow routes. Select which route to deploy e.g. 1″ plow, 2″ plow, etc.
  • If the depth of snow to be plowed is not known in advance all of the services can be included and the crew can clock in/out of the appropriate service.

Create Jobs

  • Create the  Estimate > win Estimate > Jobs as T&M – as needed

Create Routes

  • Set up the routes for the crews in advance – Manual Scheduling and Include Time & Material Services

When it Snows

  1. Go to Scheduling
  2. Click the green + button in the top right hand corner of the queue
  3. Select Route Occurrences
  4. Use the Filter button to get a complete list of the routes you want to schedule
  5. Select All or check the ones you want
  6. Click Next – a list of routes will appear
  7. Select date and time and crews for your routes
  8. Click the Create (with Timesheets) button


Q: What if we made multiple stops (the route is done and then repeated multiple times in one storm)?

A: You can either repeat the process and schedule the route occurrence again on the same day and have a new timesheet created or if the crew is familiar with the route, the same timesheet can be used, by clocking in and out again for the same visits. Using the same timesheets over again might cause some confusion in the mobile app if the crew depends on the timesheet to dictate the sequence of visits and if the first time though some visits were skipped or done out of order. In this case it would be best to create a new timesheet. You may want to take it on a case by case basis. If the crew is coming back to the yard and you are sending out a new crew, create a new route occurrence.