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Unable to search the Online Plant Database

Issue: Error appears upon searching in the softscape labeling panel

search error

Description: Error message, “Your subscription to this feature could not be verified. You may not have a valid subscription, or your subscription may have expired.”


1. Version Issue: 

Ensure you have the latest version of Design installed by checking for updates:

Instructions on how to check for updates to DynaScape can be found here.

NOTE: After April 10, 2022 version 6.7.3 or later is required to access Online Plant Database features: see release notes)

2. Incorrect Date, Time, Time Zone:  

Make sure that the Computer is showing the correct Date, Time and Time Zone. DynaScape requires your time to be synced within 5 minutes of our server. You can verify the Time and Date using this web site:;

Windows 10: Ensure Set Time Zone Automatically is ON and Adjust for daylight saving time automatically ON.  

3. Firewall and Security Software Blocking the connection to our server:

To troubleshoot this, disable the Firewall and Security software on the computer then try the search again.  If this resolves the issue you will need to or have an IT person allow Design a connection to the internet.