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Why can’t I see see all my rasters (images)?

You may not see all your rasters on your drawing if you have opened your drawing on another computer, if you have changed computers or if the images were moved or deleted from the computer.

Please Note: If you have moved image folders and files you should move them back to the original location (or to the same location on a new computer).

If you are using the same drawing on different computers and you require the images to be visible then the images need to be saved on both computers in the same place.  For example: Computer number 1 has images folder in this path: C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Images\ then Computer number 2 has to have the exact same path

To avoid “missing” rasters, place the images closer to the root like C:\Images\ on both computers and be sure to copy the images into this folder whenever you add new images to the drawing.

If you are unsure of where the images were, you can take a look at your drawing to view the file location by following these steps:

  • Open the drawing
  • Go to Imaging tab
  • Click on Display the drawing raster list
  • Drag the box to open the window that shows the file location
    Note: You can click File… to point it to the new folder location
  • This location is where the images should be saved in order for the images to be displayed
If you are unable to see your Online Plant Database images or PDF you had inserted, you will need to make the same folder path and copy the images to the computer where you are unable to see the images. The default path is C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\DynaScapeDS\prefs\rasters\