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Why does my drawing freeze when I try to copy and paste it?

In some cases a drawing may cause the program to go unresponsive, freeze or take a long time to copy and paste, if it contains a lot of hatching, usage of highly detailed figures, contains a lot of clustered plants or contains a lot of geometry (figures, lines, etc.).

Use the following workaround in order to move your drawing within the same drawing:

  1. Draw a border on the Temp Layer to encompass your entire drawing
  2. Go to Modes, click on “All Layers On Mode”
  3. Select the Move/copy tool, ensure the Copy toggle is off
  4. Select all the drawing contents (Ctrl + A or Edit > Select All) then right-click
  5. Go to Modes, click on the Temp Layer Mode – this will turn everything off
  6. Left-click to pick the ‘from’ translate location point
  7. Move to the desired position
  8. Left-click to pick the ‘to’ translate location point
  9. Go to Modes, click on Design Mode
  10. Repeat Steps 3 to 9 if you need to move the drawing again
  11. Delete the temporary border once you are satisfied with the position

Use the following workaround in order to copy and paste your drawing to a new drawing:

  1. Open the drawing in Design, go to Modes, click on “All Layers On Mode”
  2. Select all geometry (Ctrl + A or Edit > Select All) and copy it to the DynaScape clipboard (Ctrl + C or Edit > Copy).
  3. Open a new drawing prototype (File > New > Drawing or click on the new drawing icon on the top toolbar
  4. Select the sheet size and scale you want then paste the geometry into the new drawing prototype
  5. Go to Modes, click on the Temp Layer Mode
  6. Paste your geometry by pressing Ctrl + V
  7. Left-click to choose the “external figure location”
  8. Right-click to end the copy command
  9. Press the Esc key to exit the command
  10. Go to Modes click on the Design Mode
  11. Follow the instructions above to move a portion or the entire drawing.
  12. Save the new drawing prototype as a new drawing file (File > Save As > Drawing…, enter in a filename and location to save the file under and click on Save).