Landscape sales and estimates

For any landscaping business, organizing all elements of sales and estimating is necessary to keep track of workers, projects, and the individual jobs for each client. Traditionally, that meant piling up the stacks of paper and files, but now landscape business software, like DynaScape’s DS|Manage360, exists to help.

In the landscaping industry, you need dates scheduled for sales phases, sales projections to be constructed, referrals and leads to be noted, and the best sales opportunities to grow revenue pursued.

5 Key Elements of Landscape Business Management

  1. Sales Phases 
  2. Sales Projections
  3. Referrals & Leads
  4. Sales Opportunities
  5. Landscaping Estimates

To maximize the revenue and profitability of your business, it is critical to have each of these 5 elements organized, and easily accessible.

Sales Phases

Stages of the sales cycle, including leads, follow up, meeting with a potential client for a consultation, providing an official estimate and proposal, and the win or lose result. Keeping track of the stages that a lead/potential customer is in is key. Whether they need a quick follow up after a referral, or a proposal from you by this Thursday, timely and appropriate follow up could make the difference between winning or losing their business, in addition to not letting opportunities fall through the cracks.

Sales Projections

Estimated sales and business, to plan out your season and year. Having a detailed understanding of your potential sales and revenues for the next week, month, season and year impact many areas of your business. The benefit of looking back at your past projections can assist you in determining the probability of winning, along with the potential revenue from each future lead. Along with the understanding of potential business comes advance insight into staffing needs as well,

Referrals & Leads

For new business via word of mouth, and via sales and marketing efforts. Word of mouth referrals are of course the best type of marketing you will ever receive. Free of charge, and full of credibility. Tracking them, and who is providing them for you, not only provides you with an opportunity to extend gratitude, but also is your best source to continue to nurture. Additionally, the ability to track all lead sources provides you with great insight into the ROI of your marketing spend. This can clearly show you which marketing tactics are providing the best value for opportunities that you win, and therefore will inform your marketing spend going forward.

Sales Opportunities

Qualified leads that move through your sales pipeline. A clear understanding of the upcoming work that you have booked (or are likely to win based on the percentage of business in different sales phases), also feeds into:

  • Areas of your business which are increasing, and those which require more attention
  • Availability for your business to take on new work
  • A need for more additional marketing efforts to increase leads
  • Internal training needs – is it possible to increase your win/lose ratio?

Landscaping Estimates

Cost to the client for the proposed project, where you plan to not only cover costs but a planned markup. According to iCapture, 50% of leads go to the first company to follow up after an event/request for proposals. How can you effectively increase the speed of your estimating process, while providing a quality proposal? Without a doubt, having easily accessible estimating modules, which are common to all proposals, will expedite the process. These include:

  • Templates
  • Centralized costs
  • Ability to account for direct costs
  • Ability to use your overhead recovery model of choice, such as MORS, SORS, OPPH
  • Terms and conditions

Additional time-saving measures include a system that can collate all your information and generate proposals for you quickly. Reporting which provides insight into the estimating process and win percentage by your estimator(s), can identify any training needs.

Increase Project Sales with Manage360 Sales and Estimating

Imagine a landscape business management software solution that can help your landscaping company centralize everything and makes sales flow more smoothly. Imagine the ability to manage your entire sales process and create accurate and profitable estimates using the overhead recovery model of your choice and increase your landscape project sales. DynaScape’s Manage360 Landscaping Sales and Estimating software component offers all of this for you.

Sales Phases

Organizes all your company’s prospects and customers in Manage360 by sales phases that you define. Set start and due dates for each sales phase and use this organization of your pipeline to quickly identify stagnant leads, bottlenecks, and best opportunities. With the ability to see the exact sales phase for each contact, you can push more sales through the pipeline.

Sales Projections

Manage360 minimizes the guesswork in your sales projections by setting the probability and projected revenue for each lead. Setting and monitoring the predicted revenues from each sale lets you make more accurate sales projections and analyze the results to achieve greater accuracy in future projections.

Referrals & Leads

Identify your lead sources with help from Manage360 and add a referral name to each lead in your system. Done properly, referral tracking can boost your sales by helping you to identify and cultivate your most effective marketing channels and your best customer referrals.

Sales Opportunities

The busier your company gets, the more you need a way to organize just your leads. With Manage360’s Sales & Estimating, each salesperson can view his/her own leads. You can also focus on today’s leads and identify all overdue leads.

Landscaping Estimates

When creating your estimates, Manage360 ensures that you recover your overhead by choosing from one of many available overhead recovery models (MORS, SORS, OPPH). It will calculate all your costs for you and establish your break-even point, so you know your profit on each estimate. You are also able to maintain a centralized cost book to ensure speedy access and creation of custom proposals, along with your own customizable terms, warranties, and introductions.

The efficiency does not end there – once your estimate is won, Manage360 allows you to generate crew sheets automatically.

Embrace the Benefits of Landscape Business Estimating Software

Connect with one of DynaScape’s account executives today to learn more about how Manage360’s Sales & Estimating component offers landscape professionals like you a better way to manage your entire sales process, and to prepare accurate and profitable estimates using the methodology of your choice. If you are interested in learning more about Manage360 and the Landscaping Estimating and Sales Module, contact us today to schedule a free demo.

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