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Every industry requires its own specialized set of software tools. For landscapers, that toolset is DynaSCAPE Manage360. It’s a single, comprehensive program that handles every aspect of managing your landscape business, from initial sales contact to final invoice, and everything in between.

Selling. Estimating. Designing. Job Management. Recovering overheads. Invoicing. Profiting. Managing. Analyzing. Reporting.

The list of areas that you have to stay on top of to run a successful landscape business can almost seem endless at times. Would you like some help with all of it?

DynaSCAPE Manage360 is a custom-crafted, end-to-end software solution for any landscape business that’s serious about growing. About thriving. About running things efficiently, profitably – professionally. It’s designed to help you follow industry best practices for every stage of your interactions with your customers, from the first phone call to the final invoice. More to the point, it will help you to use those best practices to increase both your sales and your profits.

DynaSCAPE Manage360 Landscape Business Software
Tightly integration your design into your cost-based estimate

Sales & Estimating

Maximize the opportunities in each phase of your sales pipeline, and prepare estimates with confidence. 

Job Management

Once you’ve won the job, Job Management is the software you need to manage every detail of that project from Day 1 to final sign-off. 

Landscape Maintenance

End-to-end Manage360 for landscape maintenance companies offers a feature-rich business management, cloud-based application that will take operations to new heights.

Accounting Integration

The purpose of our Accounting Integration is simple: to save you time by connecting the data from your Manage Online system to the data in your accounting system. 

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DynaSCAPE Manage360 doesn’t just automate your daily tasks. It gives you the insight, the best practices and the tools you need to improve your profitability and grow your business. Features and benefits of this powerful program include:

Web-based delivery

DS|Manage360 is web-based, meaning that there’s no need for you to install the program locally or limit your access to just one computer. Just log on from any computer or portable device with Internet access, enter your username and password, and start using Manage360 immediately. You can access your data from any type of computer (PC or Mac), and from anywhere, whether it’s across the hall or across state, province or country. Now, any authorized person on your team can make revisions, submit field data and get information at any time. Whether it’s your designer who wants to create a proposal on-site, your foreman who wants to enter timesheets at the end of the day, or you manager who wants to view a report from home one evening, everyone in your company will appreciate the new ease of access to Manage360.

Dovetails seamlessly with DS|Design

DS|Manage360 is the only business management system that integrates completely and seamlessly with DynaSCAPE Design, the leading design solution in the industry. If you’re using DS|Design to prepare your drawings, DS|Manage360 will let you do a quick material take off straight from your drawing, to speed up the process of making an impressive and accurate estimate for your clients. No other program is able to take such full and efficient advantage of the work that you’ve already done in DS|Design.

A single software system for all your landscape business needs

Why use 5 or 6 different programs to run your business when you can do it all with just one? If you’re using different software to store your customer contact information, prepare your quotes, schedule your crews and analyze your sales figures, you know how inefficient it is to maintain multiple systems to support all of your business activities. With its end-to-end integration, DS|Manage360 eliminates the need for you to get your business information from multiple departments, multiple programs or multiple documents. It’s one consolidated system, with all of your business information all in one place.

Built-in best practices

Manage360 automates your work in ways that will help you run your company better. Each part of Manage360 is structured to help you follow the best practices in the industry, from the way that you do your estimating to the ways that you manage your sales cycle, recover your overhead and schedule your crews. With those best practices built into the program’s workflows and options, your landscape business can use the same professional estimating, job management, sales and management methodologies that the most successful companies use to ensure consistent profitability. Having DynaSCAPE Manage360 at your disposal is like having a tireless business consultant on demand, 24/7, to help you steer your company towards greater efficiency and bigger profits.


To reflect the way that your business actually runs, DS|Manage360 is role-based. Each person on your team has his/her own DS|Manage360 dashboard that serves up the business information that speaks to him or her directly. No need to go to several different places or programs to find out what you need to know: your custom DS|Manage360 dashboard gives you an immediate snapshot of the information that you’ve identified as crucial. As a result, you’ll be able to make your decisions, and get your work done, faster than ever before.


Shaped by input from the best in the industry

DS|Manage360 is designed with input from some of the landscape industry’s leading business management consultants, associations and companies. It’s the result of extensive and ongoing consultations with the people best positioned to tell us what today’s landscape industry professionals need.

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“Everything is going through one pipeline now”

“In fact, because I have DynaSCAPE Design, Color and Manage360, I can now design, colour and estimate a one hundred thousand dollar job in a single day … I couldn’t have done it that easily before. It does all the tedious work for me, which allows me to turn proposals around quicker, increasing sales, which is important, but also frees up more of my time to provide my clients the customer service they expect and deserve.”
Read the full case study (PDF)

Patrick DuChene

Landscape Designer

The team over at DynaSCAPE are incredibly intelligent and really know the Landscape industry. I own and manage a $5 million dollar commercial landscape company in California. Not only are we in one of the most competitive markets in the country but we are located in the hub of technology, the Bay Area. If you don’t have the right software working within your business you will be out bid and outsmarted every day. We on-boarded DynaSCAPE [Manage360] in March of 2016 and as we close this year out, I couldn’t be happier with the software. We have grown our company 75% over the last 12 months, about 60% since bringing on DynaSCAPE [Manage360]. I estimate the total amount of labor hours saved each week averages about 8. Our gross profit per job has increased by 10% since bringing on DynaSCAPE [Manage360]. These are some really great Key performance Indicators that your software can really help in more ways than one. It has also improved the accuracy of our bids and more importantly, provided us with a real understanding of our costs to complete each project. Their overhead recovery methods are something that will benefit any size company. So many people make the mistake of not recovering their overhead correctly and it could result in not hitting your profit margins or not getting the job. With DynaSCAPE’s estimating tools you will have a clear understanding of what your costs are, what your overhead is, and how much profit will be made on each project. This product also allows you to develop a very large material and plant database, you can attach production rates to each material which makes estimating a breeze. We have four full-time estimators and consistency is a constant struggle, with DynaSCAPE [Manage360] we have been able to provide our clients with consistent and competitive bids no matter who the estimator is. I would recommend DynaSCAPE [Manage360] to anyone that wants to streamline their estimating process and make more money.

Justin White

CEO, K&D Landscaping Inc


Here at DynaSCAPE, we believe every company should have access to great software to help manage all aspects of the business from sales discovery to final invoicing and everything in between.

Because we’re passionate about the industry and the companies we work with, we take feedback from landscape professionals very seriously. The biggest barrier for many business owners was Manage360’s up-front licensing fees, so we removed them! We’ve shifted to an affordable, monthly subscription to ensure we can help businesses of all sizes streamline their processes and boost profitability. Call (1.800.710.1900 x2) or email your account executive today to join thousands of landscape professionals in the DynaSCAPE community!

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