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Download Instructions for Libraries

To download the libraries with Vista or Windows 7 (with Smartscreen filter on) using IE (Internet Explorer):

  1. Click on the link provided below.
  2. Then select the ‘Run’ option
  3. When the download is complete click ‘Actions’
  4. Click on ‘More Options’ (Vista)
  5. Click on ‘Run anyway’
  6. If permissions are requested click ‘Continue’
  7. Follow the instructions to install the libraries
  8. Once installed the new libraries will be found at the bottom the list of libraries on the DS|Design Figures tab.

Available Libraries for DS|Design (v5 and newer):

Note: The new DS|Design Libraries are made for v5 and newer. These libraries cannot be installed on v4 due to the layer changes made in v5.


OutdoorLiving-Libs-Thumbnail-250wideOutdoor Living Libraries

Libraries: 7     Figures: 200+

Plan view and 2D Front/Side views of garden furniture, planters, fireplaces, fire pits, BBQ accessories, lighting fixtures, etc.

Download the Outdoor Living Library Collection



FireRock-Libs-Thumbnail-250wideFireRock Libraries

Libraries: 6     Figures: 150+       www.firerock.us

Plan view and 2D Front/Side views of FireRock  fireplaces, fire pits and kitchen cabinet. These are all based on the sizes and styles of FireRock’s pre-engineered masonry fireplace and cabinet systems.

Download the FireRock Library Collection




Plant-Libs-Thumbnail-250wideAdditional Plant Libraries

Libraries: 3    Figures: 45

More shrub, perennial and grass symbols for Design to give you more options, especially when using the ‘reload’ feature in Google SketchUp (3 libraries)

Download the Additional Plant Libraries



Additional Swatches for DS|Color

An enriched experience with additional color swatches for DS|Color

Download the Additional Color Swatches

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