Transform your landscape designs into 3D masterpieces with Shaderlight interactive 3D rendering plug-in for SketchUp and DynaScape Sketch3D that offers photorealistic rendering. 

Shaderlight Laptop

3D Landscape Drawing

Develop your ideas in 3D

Take your 3D landscape design software to an even higher level with Shaderlight’s rendering software. Make realistic models of your landscape designs and bring them to life with the most amazing rendered images for your presentations. Help your clients visualize your ideas easily, with the most accurate display.

  • Transform your 3D models with appropriate shading, lighting effects, and models.
  • Includes nighttime and full landscape lighting effects.
  • See what your design looks like at different times of day.

Landscape Rendering

Rendering software isn’t hard to use

Rendering with Shaderlight has never been easier, as the built-in toolbar lets you bring your images to life in a few clicks. This fully-integrated 3D rendering software with SketchUp takes the complexity out of rendering images in beautiful 3D.

  • Render directly from SketchUp toolbar with no need to important your model first.
  • Built-in toolbar gives you all the controls you need without having to leave your SketchUp software.


Render your design with the real-world in mind

Set the scene for your customers with real-world effects and lightning with a realistic 3D landscape rendering. Show your designs in the morning, evening, or at night, so your customers can see their design alive in every light and situation. Get the exact lighting by changing the time of day and see the details of your design based on the lighting.

  • Accurate displays of lightning. Move sun location to alter shadows and shading.
  • Show your design at night to get the full effect of patio and walkway lighting.
  • Create real-world scenarios and renders that will help you win jobs.


Adjust materials, shadows, and finish of 3D renderings

Every design is unique, so your 3D rendering software needs to offer unique rendering options. With Shaderlight and SketchUp, adjust the type of material, the finish, and texture before rendering, and turn shadows on and off for an enhanced concept of the design.

  • Create water textures for pools and water features.
  • Show shadows trees give off and what direction they go in during a certain time of the day.
Shaderlight Customize Render

Render Your Landscape Design in the Most Realistic Way Possible

DynaScape Design and Sketch3D are made for professional landscapers. Add Shaderlight and bring your designs to the next level and win more jobs with the most realistic presentation.

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