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DynaScape in Schools

In the landscape community, we support the education sector by providing affordable landscape software to schools and students, and we’re proud to partner with professional industry organizations like the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association, the National Association of Landscape Professionals and the Association of Professional Landscape Designers through sponsorships and other initiatives.


When you teach DynaScape in your school the students who are enrolled in those classes can purchase a Student Version of Design for $187.50. The Student Version has all the functionality of the full, professional version, but it will expire after 12 months (from the date it is installed).

Alma Lebaron  |  Recent Graduate, North Dakota State University
DynaScape in Schools Students


Give students the computer-based design skills they need for their career

If your school offers a landscape design or horticulture program, then DynaScape’s landscape design software needs to be taught. As the leading CAD-based landscape design software, training with DynaScape can give your students the competitive edge that they need after graduating.

  • Learn the software the professionals are using in the field.
  • Come out of school with real-world experience in CAD-based landscape design.
  • Give your students the tools to enter the landscape industry as soon as they leave school.


Join the network of over 100 colleges and universities across North America

DynaScape’s landscape design software is taught across North America as the leading CAD-based design solution. Get access to a full curriculum, webinars and training courses to get your students prepared for their future in landscape design.

  • Access to our full curriculum and other resources on our Educator Resource File download pages.
  • Elevate the presence of your school in the local landscape industry.
  • Equip your students with real-world skills with the industry’s leading software when they graduate and enter the marketplace.
  • Increased student placement.
  • Fits your budget.
  • Fits your students’ budgets.
Dynascape in Schools
DynaScape in Schools Student Edition


An affordable student version available to help them train

If you’re teaching DynaScape’s landscape design software, your students need access to that software. For students enrolled, we offer a student version of Design for $187.50, complete with all the functionality of the full, professional version, so you train with the full range of the software before entering the landscape industry.

Bring DynaScape’s Landscape Design Software to Your School Today!

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