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"It [Manage360] has been an incredible tool for our business. Not only from a sales perspective, but also from a job costing and production perspective. … It’s a heck of a program. I honestly wonder how we ever operated without it."

Mark Maslow

Owner, Southern Landscape Group

"The sooner you implement it [Manage360], the more profitable you’re going to be as you grow… The earlier on you can do it, the better it’s going to make your company long-term."

Jarod Hynson

Owner, Earth, Turf, and Wood Inc.

"All the other systems I looked at were just nowhere near as in-depth as DynaScape. With the attention to detail, DynaScape stood out as the only proper choice for a purposely-built system for landscaping."

Stephen Price

Mowhawk Maintenance

"DynaScape has been my solution for the past 15 years. I don’t think there is anything better out on the marketing as far as being a custom-built interface to sell high-end custom landscape designs."

Dan Cachelin

Karma Landscapes London

"Love the transition from AutoCAD to DynaScape! The Sketch3D warehouse and plugin made my life so much easier!"

Alma Lebaron

Recent Graduate, North Dakota State University

"I would definitely recommend it [Manage360] to anybody. The earlier you start, the easier it is to modify and tweak and understand it. And to run a business these days without having some kind of software, to be honest with you, I don’t know how people would do it."

Bill Banford

Owner, The Sharper Cut

"I spent a lot of hours just entering data, and the whole time I was doing it, I knew that it was going to be of benefit, and also I was learning a lot about our own company. It [Manage360] requires you to look at things through a bit of a different light than if you just keep plugging away with your head in the sand."

Brian Shernce

BTS Landscaping

"DynaScape is above and beyond its competitors. The plan view designs look so professional and when the rendering program is released, I think you’ll have people who have scoffed at designing on the computer turning their heads. It looks amazing!! I can’t wait!!"

Carolyn Robinson

Dept. Head of Landscape Horticulture, Auburn University, Alabama

"We finally purchased DynaScape after researching available software since 2008 and after years of trying to develop our own computer design system. We’ve drawn and rendered our landscape plans by hand since the company’s founding and we’ve become very efficient. Now, with the program we’re able to create drawings in color much more efficiently, with a high level of accuracy for production crews, and with great ease of revision to best fit clients’ needs."

Tony Orband

Hidden Lane Landscaping

"Just installed DynaScape Color yesterday afternoon and have been playing around with it all this morning. I just wanted to let you guys know it’s really easy to use and it makes my drawings look fantastic! I can’t even express how excited I am to show a client a Colour Rendering Concept Plan of their yard and see their appreciation of the design. It will not only impress the client but also make it that much easier for them to decipher and visualize the design. Thanks DynaScape for continuing to be a company I know I can count on. I am proud to say I use your product everyday with excellent, professional results."

Lara Hunter

Landscape Designer, Hunter Landscape Design

"I originally chose DynaScape Design because I knew I could create landscape drawings that would impress my clients and help them to visualize their landscape dreams. Now with DynaScape Color, my clients are “blown away” with my landscape plans. The drawings give them a better understanding of the colors, textures, and patterns I intend to use and this brings the landscape to life. This new drawing ‘tool’ creates great color illustrations, I save hours of my time at the drafting table hand-coloring, and it’s very easy to use. I know it will help to sell the landscape design and therefore, the landscape project."

Lexi Dearborn, Dip.B., ODHLD

Owner, Dearborn Designs

We purchased the DynaScape program about a year ago. Before purchasing the program we did our homework and believe that this is the best program out there. The graphics are beyond comparison.

We inquired within DynaScape and were lucky enough to have a training session “in house” with Patrick DuChene on our DynaScape programs. I would highly suggest that if you purchase the DynaScape program you consider to have some training. First of all, Patrick is a professional landscape designer himself and owns his own business. This means he doesn’t come from the academic standpoint, but rather from a practical side. Patrick gives lessons that easily apply to the typical designer. He makes the program easy for the novice to digest. Within one whole session, we were up and running. An amazing guy. We look forward to furthering our education with our DynaScape program because there is so much more to learn and use.

Dona Rawson

Owner, Botanica Landscape Inc

My production manager and office manager are all on board [with Manage360]. They log in, they update stuff, so they don’t even need to talk to me. I always wondered how some companies were doing more business than we were, because I wouldn’t even want it. I was so used to everything funneling through me, and I literally did not want to grow. It was too much to carry. But now, I can see that with a system like this, you could do it, because it’s not all funneling through one person. There’s no bottleneck. It sets up a structure to grow within.

Brian Shernce

BTS Landscaping

I recently had the pleasure of having a personal training session with Patrick DuChene of Duchene Design Solutions for DynaScape Design and Color. I want to first personally thank him for a professional and well-rounded training session. Patrick was able to help familiarize myself with many of the in’s and out’s [the software] and set me up to be successful in the Landscape Design process. I think Patrick is well versed in the program and was able to give me many of the in’s and out’s of the program and show me some shortcuts and quick notes.  I

To give you a quick background of myself, I am a 30 y/o Landscape Designer who is in pursuit of my Landscape Architecture License. I have worked the past 8 years doing Architectural/Civil Engineering plans, with emphasis on commercial, industrial, and residential layout design. Much of my previous software knowledge had been in AutoCAD, Microstation and Vector Works. I had no previous experience with Dynascape. Patrick had asked that I give some feedback between the different programs and offer some suggestions as to what Dynascape does well and what the other programs do.

Right off the bat, I feel DynaScape is tremendous in the focus for Landscape Design professionals. It’s simple/basic set-up enables users with no previous knowledge of CAD programs to have success working through the software. I enjoy the access to the landscape library (also with pictures) and how fast you can add up plant totals. The process of bringing a drawing into DynaScape Color and being able to update so fast is an essential part of time management.

Now granted I have only been using DynaScape for 3 weeks, but I have already done close to 10-15 drawings, so I have had some use on it. Granted, some of these features may be available, I just have yet to learn them.  Like most programs, I’m sure DynaScape will always be evolving and trying “everyday” to get better and better and meet more and more “Requests” from its users.

Will Sewter

Landscape Design, DiSabatino Landscaping and Tree Care