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Landscape Maintenance Software


Organize, manage, and deliver on all of your maintenance contracts with Manage360’s maintenance module for your daily, weekly, and monthly lawn care and landscape maintenance.

Landscape Maintenance Headline
Contract Management​

Manage all your contracted services from one landscape maintenance software.

Schedule & Route Crews​

Build daily, weekly and monthly schedules for your crews to cover all your maintenance contracts.

Cost-Based Estimating​

No Internet? No problem! Fully operational offline. Sync data when Internet connection established.


Push sales through your pipeline

With Manage360, organize your sales pipeline and see each phase of the sales process. Quickly see where your process is bottlenecking, push opportunities through and rejuvenate stagnant leads with a landscape maintenance software that is designed to streamline your sales process.

  • Set start and end dates for each phase to keep the sales funnel moving towards a final sale.
  • See where you are losing sales and how you can turn them back into opportunities.
  • One central location for all your company’s prospects and customers.


Accurate estimates and professional proposals

Create accurate estimates with a cost-based approach. Using an overhead recovery model of your choice, create fast proposals for your landscape maintenance contracts that recoups overhead costs into each contract. Then turn these estimates into job winning proposals with customized terms and conditions.

  • Recover your overhead to eliminate lost revenue to pay for those costs.
  • Automatically turn estimates into proposals, allowing you to submit more quotes to potential customers.
  • Choose contracted services, offer optional services and as needed or on-demand services.


Manage all your maintenance contracts

With dedicated landscape maintenance software, manage all of your lawn maintenance contracts from start to finish. Know the exact tasks of each contract, start and end dates, and all the details of the contract to properly manage your recurring customers.

  • One central place with all contract information for every contract you sign.
  • Quickly pull up contract information, including quotes and estimates, jobs and tasks.
  • Manage all the services your clients request.


Build schedules for your maintenance crews

Using the scheduling tool, manage all the services and contracts you provide with full transparency of your crews other jobs. See daily, weekly and monthly calendar views of all your crews and what other jobs they have schedule for any particular time.

  • See your crews availability with the unique calendar feature.
  • Schedule maintenance crews from the dispatch center to ensure work is complete.
  • Never miss a contract job appointment with recurring scheduling features to schedule each job for the duration of the contract.
  • Crew scheduling & management mobile app

Landscaping Crew ROUTING

Optimize your crew’s route for more timely service delivery

With Manage360’s scheduling tool, create routes for your crews that are optimized to keep them driving less and working more. With the dynamic route builder, add unscheduled jobs and unassigned work to a crews schedule and build the best route possible to limit driving times between jobs.

  • Build your routes with integrated Google Maps and select groups of clients from one geographical location.
  • Maximize crew’s working time by optimizing routes to spend less time driving.


Track every visit with crew tracking mobile app

Give your crew leader DynaScape’s crew tracking mobile app and have them check in and out of each schedule job for accurate time recording. Track the materials, plants and equipment used on each job and have it automatically sync with your landscape maintenance software for accurate reporting on each job completed.

  • No paper timesheets for crew members and easy to move members in and out of different crews.
  • Accurate and quick information gathering for quick invoice creation.
  • In-depth dashboards to compare estimates against actuals, costs, profitability and productivity of your crews.

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