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Manage Your Service Delivery with Landscape Management Software

Your designs are impeccable. Your crew is the best. The jobs are rolling in. Now, how do you manage it all?

To build a profitable landscape company quickly and efficiently, you need a complete landscaping business management software.
Manage360 takes you from the initial site visit to the proposal. Then, once your bid is accepted, it helps with seamless job management, from scheduling all the way to invoicing in one complete landscaping software solution.

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Sales Cycle

Manage each stage of your sales pipeline from estimate to invoice with complete accuracy. 

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Effective Job Management

Schedule and route crews, create purchase and change orders and complete jobs on time. 

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Save Time
On Billing

Integrate Manage360 with QuickBooks to streamline your accounting, billing and invoicing systems.


Win more customers 
with accurate estimates.

Bidding can be time-consuming. Cut down on your time investment while maintaining accuracy with Manage360’s cost book. It includes pricing everything you need to complete a bid— materials, kits, and labor hours.

Import your materials list straight from Design landscape software. Account for overhead with your choice of recovery model. Then, create a detailed estimate that’s true to every detail of your designs.

Deliver accurate, job-winning proposals in a fraction of the time with Manage360’s landscape estimating solution.

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Get accurate tracking with sales management.

Manage your customer’s journey from first contact to final invoice. Tracking your sales pipeline will show you exactly where you are with each prospective customer.

Manage360 is designed to give you greater insight into your sales performance.

Funnel your prospective customers and track their progress. As they move through the sales cycle, see where you are the most successful and where potential sales are lost. Gather data that will help you learn how to close more deals.

Streamline your sales process through Manage360 to win more bids.

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Improve efficiency with a crew management app.

Use an integrated Mobile Landscape Crew Tracking App to schedule and route your crews. Once they’re on the job, they can clock in and out without using paper timesheets, increasing crew efficiency.

Crews can also track the materials used for each job. Crew leaders get a complete detailed account of time, expenses, and materials used, improving the accuracy of job costing data.

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Get paid faster with QuickBooks integration.

Long-term projects may require weekly draws. Ensure you never miss a payment with Manage360’s integration to QuickBooks.

Automate your billing to release invoices on the desired interval. Then, sync the status of invoices so you can see when they have been paid.

Cover the cost of construction projects with interval billing, milestone, or percentage completion, keeping cash flow available through the life of the project.

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“I find myself saying I would never go back to using an Excel spreadsheet again because I can’t trust it enough because I have become so comfortable, and seeing the results that Manage360 can do to recover our overhead.”
Jarod Hynson President, Earth, Turf, & Wood Inc.


Don’t be afraid of change.

Customers request changes. It’s just part of the job. With Manage360, you can manage each change order using your landscaping management software.

Keep your original bid and add additional materials and labor hours. Then, submit them for client approval—all in one place. The integrated cost book ensures accurate change order pricing that updates your original bid.

You’ll never need to create a new job just to make a change, which reduces room for error.
And, since you don’t have to alter original contracts, it’s easy to adjust any quantities.

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Achieve long-term success with data-driven decisions.

Understand the details of each job by generating insightful reports. Manage360 comes with powerful reporting tools that give you the data you need to make informed business decisions.

Use your landscape management software to compare your estimates to actuals for more accurate bidding. Filters allow you to get the exact analytics you need at multiple levels.

See data from the perspective of a specific salesperson, foreman, crew, job, or work area. You can even pull reports on each crew member to see who your top performer is.

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Access unlimited file, photo, 
and video storage.

Visuals are the simplest way to communicate job information. Store an unlimited number of photos, videos, and documents with Manage360’s new file storage feature.

Crews can take site photos from the mobile app or upload straight from a web browser. They can then apply files to any jobs, work orders, change orders, accounts, opportunities, estimates, or specific timesheets.

This makes it easy to upload before and after photos to show proof of work completed. All files are securely stored in one location for convenience. Crews and management alike can access everything through the Crew Tracking Mobile App and in Manage360.

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Increase profit margins to recover your overhead.

Profit margins can slip if you’re not properly budgeting to recover your overhead. With landscaping management software, know your costs. Understand your overhead and how much profit is needed to properly recover that overhead.

Use multiple recovery models to build overhead costs into every estimate. Set the correct mark-ups for all materials, labor, equipment, and subcontracts.

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"I would say don't look at how much it costs. Look at how much it's going to make you and save you. How much time it's going to save." Christian Brown Perfect Landscapes
I can’t even express how excited I am to show a client a Colour Rendering Concept Plan of their yard and see their appreciation of the design. It will not only impress the client but also make it that much easier for them to decipher and visualize the design. Lara Hunter Landscape Designer, Hunter Landscape Design
Sharing drawings with contractors is fantastic. I used to have to meet them and drive halfway across the city to show plans. Now I'm using it a lot to show my clients revisions. I will present the original drawings to them, but if we have a little revision, often, I'll send it by email. So it saves me time. Beth Edney Designs By the Yard


    What is landscape management software? 

    Landscape management software or lawncare management software is a computer program designed to help business managers in the landscaping and lawncare industries. It helps you organize and manage your landscaping business. The right software solution makes it easier for you to plan and execute various aspects of your business, from managing leads to inventory control to automated invoicing.

    Typically, it will also include field service management (FSM) features as well. Field service includes anything your crew does as part of the job in the field. Landscape business managers need to keep track of appointments, arrivals, job details and materials inventory. FSM automates many of those tasks.

    Basically, landscape management software is your all-in-one management solution.

    What are the benefits of landscaping management software? 

    You’ll save time and, ultimately, money by incorporating landscape management software into your management strategy.

    Landscape management software can help improve efficiency and eliminate redundancies. You can track time, inventory, and physical location with complete accuracy. This prevents over-ordering or coming up short, as well as cutting down on wasted time.

    You’ll also find operations grow more efficient over time. Automation features can scale with your landscaping business. As your business expands, field service management software can adapt and grow with you. Scalability helps you manage an increase in both customers and employees.

    Increase profitability by streamlining your sales funnel. Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps keep customers in the loop and happy. Automating administrative tasks, like budgeting and customer contact, eliminates the need to dedicate your time to repetitive office work. Tracking your sales will show you exactly where you are with each prospective customer.

    At the end of the day, landscape management software allows you to dedicate more time to running your business.

    What features are included in DynaScape's landscape management software? 

    Manage360 field service management software integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and DynaScape’s Design software. This integration simplifies every aspect of a landscaping project. Win more bids with efficient operations from estimate to invoice.

    From the beginning of a job to the end, Manage360’s key features allow you to:

    • Import a materials list straight from DynaScape’s Design software for accurate estimates.
    • Consult a built-in cost book for materials, kits, and labor hours.
    • Schedule and route crews with GPS tracking. Keep a detailed account of time, expenses, and materials.
    • Organize information from individual jobs to help make data-driven business decisions.
    • Easily make changes to your original bid and automatically update information.
    • Store an unlimited number of photos, videos, and documents with Manage360’s file storage feature.
    • Automate billing to produce timely invoices. Ensure costs are covered at every stage.
    • Improve your long-term customer relationships. Provide accurate estimates, track progress, and streamline projects with Manage360 CRM software.
    Does DynaScape offer a mobile app to help with crew management? 

    Yes, it does! With the Mobile Landscape Crew Tracking App, you can manage your crew from your phone or tablet. The app lets you make updates to appointment information and share them quickly.

    Your crew can also clock in and out of jobs with the timesheet function. Then, when the job is finished, they can log the materials they used. This gives you a complete account of time, expenses, and materials needed for each job.

    Is DynaScape's Landscape Management Software suitable for both small and large landscaping businesses?

    Manage360 is a completely scalable software solution. It works for landscaping businesses of any size.

    Your field service software should grow with you as your company expands. Not only does Manage360 grow with your business, but analytics and reporting features allow you to see each employee’s performance from one level to the next. You can also see customer job history and access to perspectives from sales to crew.

    Increase Your Operational Efficiency and Profitability with Landscape Business Management Software

    See how Manage360 and landscape software can change your business from initial call to final invoice.
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