Manage Your Service Delivery with Landscape Management Software

Build a profitable landscape company quickly and efficiently, with complete landscaping business management software.

Manage360 takes you from the initial site visit, straight through the proposal and job management, all the way to invoicing in one complete landscaping software.

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A better way to manage each stage of your sales pipeline from estimate to invoice. 

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Schedule and route crews, create purchase and change orders and complete jobs on time.

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Connect Manage360 to QuickBooks to integrate your accounting system for faster invoicing.

landscape Estimate

Win more customers with accurate estimates

Get accurate bids to your customers faster with Manage360’s landscape estimating solution. Bidding can be labor-intensive, so cut down on time, but remain just as accurate with a prepared cost book for all materials. Pull materials straight from Design landscape software for a detailed estimate straight from your designs.

  • Account for overhead with your choice of recovery model.
  • Deliver accurate, job-winning proposals in a fraction of the time.
  • Built-in cost book for materials, kits, and labor hours.

improve Sales management

Get accurate bids with sales management

Tracking your sales pipeline will show you exactly where you are with each prospective customer. Go from first contact to final invoice with a landscaping program designed to give you greater insight into your sales performance.

  • Funnel your prospective customers and track their progress through the sales cycle.
  • See where you are the most successful and where potential sales are lost to learn how to close more deals.
  • Streamline your sales process through Manage360 and win more bids.

I find myself saying I would never go back to using an Excel spreadsheet again because I can’t trust it enough because I have become so comfortable, and seeing the results that Manage360 can do to recover our overhead.

Jarod Hynson
President, Earth, Turf, & Wood Inc.

Job Management Software

Improve efficiency with a crew management app

With our Mobile Landscape Crew Tracking App, schedule, and route your crews and hold them accountable for their time. Clock in and out of jobs with the timesheet function. Have crews allocate the materials they used against each job for a complete detailed account of time, expenses, and materials used.

  • Stop paper timesheets.
  • Shift accountability to crew leader.
  • Increase crew efficiency.
  • Improve the accuracy of your job costing data.
DS|Manage360 Mobile

Change Orders

Don’t be afraid of change

When a customer wants to make a change, manage that change order in your landscaping management software. Keep your original bid and add additional materials and labor hours for client approval. Use the integrated cost book for accurate change order pricing that updates your original bid. Do it all under the same job without creating new jobs to streamline each project.

  • Automatically update estimates with new materials and labor costs.
  • Have labor hours updated with additional changes.
  • Don’t alter original contracts but make it easy to add or substitute any quantities.

Analytics and Reporting

Long term success with data-driven decisions

Know the details of each job by generating insightful reports. Your landscaping software comes with powerful reporting tools that give you the data and information you need to make the most informed decision. Compare your estimates to actuals for more accurate bidding and dive into your business to save time and money.

  • Track down to each crew member to see who your top performer is.
  • Drill down and filter to get the analytics you need at multiple levels.
  • View data from the perspective of a specific salesperson, foreman, crew, job, or work area.


Unlimited file, photo and video storage

Store an unlimited number of photos, videos, and documents with Manage360’s new file storage feature. Take photos from your mobile app, or upload straight from your web browser, and apply files to any jobs, work orders, change orders, accounts, opportunities, estimates or specific timesheets. Great for taking before and after photos to show proof of work completed. All of your files are securely stored in one location for convenience, and are available on the Crew Tracking Mobile App and in Manage360. 

You’re constantly working to keep your clients happy, sales growing, managing your crews and above all, creating beautiful properties. Do it all with a landscape business software like Manage360.

Landscape Billing Software

Get paid faster with QuickBooks integration

For long-term, multi-month projects that require weekly draws, ensure you never miss a payment with invoice generation with Manage360’s integration to QuickBooks. Cover the cost of construction projects with interval billing, milestone or percentage completion, keeping cash flow solid through the life of the project.

  • Automate billing to produce invoices on the desired interval.
  • Sync status of invoices within QuickBooks to ensure they have been paid.
  • Ensure your costs are covered from start to finish.

Project Budgeting

Increase job margins to recover your overhead

Job margins can slip if you’re not properly budgeting to recover your overhead. With landscaping management software, know your costs, what your overhead is, how much profit will be made on each project, and properly recover that overhead through multiple recovery models.
  • Build overhead costs into every estimate.
  • Set the correct mark-ups for all materials, labor, equipment and subcontracts.

Increase Your Operational Efficiency and Profitability with Landscape Business Management Software

See how Manage360 and landscape software can change your business from initial call to final invoice.

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