Manage all aspects of your business with Manage360, a landscaping business management software that will take you from the initial sale, straight through the proposals, to managing the job and delivering the final invoice. This complete system will enable you to effectively manage your entire landscaping business and scale it to become a more profitable and successful business. With Manage360:

  • Manage each stage of the sales cycle from estimate to invoice.
  • Have a greater ability to manage crews for maintenance and projects.
  • Track time and manage crews with the Mobile Crew Tracking App.
  • Make data-based decisions by drilling down with analytics.
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Produce stunning, hand-drawn quality designs with a full CAD landscape design software. Have every part of the design labelled properly to produce a plant, materials and elements list. Add real plants from the Horticopia database, and have the ability to make changes without having to start from scratch. With DS|Design:

  • Get a level of precision and control over your designs without losing artistic flare.
  • Produce hand-drawn designs in a fraction of the time, with the ability to edit instantly.
  • Start designs from property surveys or templates, with accuracy in measurements.
  • Select from 9,000 plants in Horticopia and over 1,200 symbols by DynaScape to produce designs.
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Bring your landscape designs to life with full color with DS|Color. Enrich your designs with this easy to use coloring software that lets you output professionally colored designs that will win you more bids. The easy to use tools will save you time on coloring and shading, and eliminate any risk of restarting a design due to coloring errors. With DS|Color:

  • Point and click to color entire large areas such as grass and water features.
  • Present in different professionally accepted design styles.
  • Choose from hundreds of color swatches already built, or design your own.
  • Accurate and attractive textures and shading effects.
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Bring your landscape designs to life with stunning 3D rendering tools with DS|Skecth3D, an add-on to SketchUp, the world’s most popular 3D modelling tool. Win more bids by turning your landscape designs into 3D renders and show the true potential of your designs to your customers by showcasing shadows, angles and sightlines in your design. With DS|Sketch3D:

  • Quickly render your designs from 2D to 3D in just a few clicks.
  • Produce 3D renders to show off shadows and time of day differences.
  • Have access to a complete inventory of 3D elements.
  • Produce flyby videos to really show your clients their new designed space.
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