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Your DynaScape Subscription keeps you current and connected

Software as a Service (SaaS)

All DynaScape software products follow a subscription model, which means that in addition to buying a license for each workstation to gain access to the product, you are also required to maintain a current DynaScape subscription in order to keep using that license. Being a subscriber in good standing gives you the following privileges:

  • continued use of the software
  • all software updates, as soon as they’re released;
  • access to related online services, where applicable. Such as the plant database for DS | Design and the 3D components, material textures, and plug-ins for DS | Sketch3D.

We see the subscription model as the key to keeping both our software and our customers current and competitive.  It’s a win-win arrangement because it ensures not only the continued health and currency of your software tools, but also, our ability to keep those tools at the cutting edge of technology. As of DS|Design version 6.0, our software includes a product validation feature that will automatically check your workstation’s license rights, and also checks for an active DynaScape subscription. In addition, ver. 6.0 introduces a change in subscription billing from yearly to monthly, to improve both your cash flow and our ability to administer subscriptions.

Your DynaScape subscription brings many benefits. Among other things, it:

Protects your investment

Your DynaScape subscription protects your landscaping software investment by ensuring that you’re always using the latest, up to date, quality-assured version of our software. This helps you retain the full value of your software license.

Keeps you current

Your subscription also keeps all the latest advances in DynaScape technology at your immediate disposal. All updates, upgrades, new features and fixes are free to DynaScape subscribers. And unlike other programs that aren’t subscription-based, you don’t have to seek out or chase after your updates – they’re delivered to you automatically as soon as they’re released.

Gives you access to the Horticopia powered plant database (in DS|Design)

With our current plant database you will have access to over 5,000 plants and images across all USDA zones in North America. This includes access to the rich Horticopia plant database, which lets you provide your customers with attractive images.

Lets you access our Help Desk at no charge

As a DynaScape subscriber, you can use our Help Desk freely. By phone or by email, our friendly and professional staff are happy to help you overcome learning hurdles and technical issues. And we don’t outsource our Help Desk: our Support Analysts are full-time DynaScape employees, backed by the entire DynaScape team, and fully trained to support our applications. >> For more details on our Support Policy

Helps you to budget reliably

Software upgrade expenses can be unpredictable, which makes it hard for you to budget for them. By contrast, with DynaScape’s monthly subscription schedule, you know exactly how much it costs each month to keep using the latest and best versions of your landscape software tools.

Includes discounts and access to other products and add-ons

Subscribers also get access to additional 3rd party products, and discounts on select products from DynaScape partners and vendors. DynaScape actively cultivates partnerships with various vendors and professional organizations, and the benefits and discounts that we negotiate on your behalf are automatically enjoyed by all of our subscribers.

Includes our newsletter

Subscribers receive DynaScape newsletters, with lots of tips and tricks to help you become an expert DynaScape user. Not only does this provide you with true business intelligence to keep you current and competitive, but it also keeps you in touch, on an ongoing basis, with the latest developments in our company and our technologies.

Makes DynaScape a partner in your success

To keep our design and business management software on the leading edge of the landscape business’s best practices, we’re in constant touch with leading industry experts and consultants, and we’re continually building what we learn from them into each new version of our software. That same approach of constant research also drives the continuous improvements that we make to our software’s underlying technologies. By being a DynaScape subscriber, you’re essentially enlisting DynaScape to do that work for you. Through our ongoing efforts on your behalf, we become a key partner in the success of your business.